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Welcome to the website of PhillySlipAndFallGuys.com, led by attorney Keith Kofsky.  We are located in Center City Philadelphia and serve clients throughout Philadelphia County in slip, trip, and fall cases.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents occur more often than you might think, with several thousand claims made in Philadelphia each year!

Our slip, trip and fall injury lawyers have seen victims suffer from very serious injuries as a result of a fall. These injuries range from fractures to wrongful death.

Typical causes of slip-trip-and-fall accidents are:

    • wet floors
    • icy and untreated sidewalks
  • cracked, broken, raised, and uneven sidewalks or pavements
  • stairwells

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My husband sustained a very serious injury. Keith handled our case with the utmost compassion and true professionalism. He fought hard for us and my husband recieved the maximum settlement. Keith was not deterred by the insurance company's aggressive attorney.Keith was in constant contact with us, and guided us through the process. His staff was superb, very caring and kept us informed, every step of the way. If you want someone who will fight for you, and not settle for less than you deserve, I highly recommend Keith! We can't thank Keith enough. He is truly appreciated.
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My experience with the law office was exceptional. From the amazing staff, paralegals and my attorney Keith Kofsky. Mr. Kofsky worked tirelessly on my case for two years. He's experienced, poised, excellent communication skills and one great negotiator. He had a way of explaining things to me that kept me calm during the process. Keith also keeps his word and is very involved with his clients and cases. We had a very favorable outcome and I can't thank him enough. So Keith once again, thank you very much.
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The Philly Slip & Fall Guys has been amazing. Keith was very knowledgeable and had a lot of patience with me. I felt very confident on him and his team as they helped my case. I highly recommend this law firm with anyone who’s been injured from a pothole.

Stand Tall After A Fall

Premises Liability Attorneys in Philadelphia

In many cases, slip, trip and fall accidents occur on private property owned by someone else, and that is usually the party to pursue for damages in a lawsuit. Serious injuries can lead to time away from work, medical expenses, and long-term implications for your ability to work. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced slip, trip and fall injury law firm with local Philadelphia legal experience to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our slip, trip and fall lawyers regularly bring cases against the owners of the following premises for slip, trip and fall accidents in Philadelphia: (1) Landlords and Property Management Companies, (2) Homeowners, Food and Department Stores, (3) Bars, Nightclubs and Banquet Venues, (4) Health Clubs, Gyms, and Spas, and many more…

Slip And Fall Accident FAQs

Common Questions


No two cases are the same. It really depends on the damage caused by the injuries you sustained in the fall. Another factor that is important to consider is whether the alleged party at fault failed to keep the accident area in a safe condition.

In most instances, the liability will actually fall on the owner of the property adjacent to the sidewalk. However, in the past, our slip and fall lawyers have successfully sued the City of Philadelphia in addition to the property owner. Such cases follow a different path and have strict timing requirements so it is important to consult with an experienced attorney.

You may be able to recover compensation for the pain and suffering you endured from the accident, and foreseeable pain you will experience in the future. You will also likely recover for loss of earning ability, and may benefit from punitive damages if sever negligence is at hand. Again, every case is different, so please consult an experienced slip and fall attorney.

Whether you are visiting a neighbor or friend, you may have a lawsuit for any injuries sustained from a trip and fall on their property if there was a dangerous condition on the property. These cases require a different approach as one does not want to damage relationships by way of a law suit. Our attorneys will communicate with insurance companies to ensure an amicable solution is worked out so that you are compensated for the damage caused. However, similar to commercial property owners responsibilities, residential owners have a duty of care to protect people they invite into their home.

Since every case is different, it is important to consult with an experience slip and fall attorney as soon as you can. Different timelines may be applicable to your case, or there may be other considerations that need to be assessed.

Yes. Nursing homes, like all commercial property owners have a duty of care to their patients to ensure that there are no dangerous conditions on the property. Nursing homes have a higher standard also by way of licenses that require adequate supervision to prevent falls to their patients.

You may have a case, but again it will really depend on the circumstances of your case. For instance, the law will classify a slip and fall victim based on where the incident occurred and why you were there. A good example is that a trespasser is treated differently to a social guest, or a business visitor. Our experienced slip and fall attorneys will review the facts in your case and quickly let you know if you can be compensated.

The first thing to do is to report the incident to someone on the premises. If you are on a commercial premises you may be asked to fill out an “incident report”. Be careful that there are no waivers on there, so read the form carefully. If you do fill out the form, request a copy from them immediately. In addition, be sure to record the name, address, and contact details of the person who you reported the incident to. The best option is to consult a slip and fall attorney who will help you document the incident and file the report. This ensures you are preserving your case to the best of your abilities.

Even if you feel you were responsible in some way, you should still consult an attorney. You may be able to receive compensation even if you are somewhat responsible for your injuries. Our attorneys regularly assist clients who think they have no case because of self fault, but they actually do and recover for partial negligence.

Generally, insurance will cover slip and fall injuries. This will depend on the policy of the commercial property owner or the residential owner. In addition, if the slip and fall occurred in the scope of your employment duties, then workers compensation insurance may apply.


The Latest

Slip And Fall Updates From Our Attorneys

Restaurant Sued For Slip and Fall

A lawsuit has been filed against Steak N Shake by a woman who alleges she fell while on the way to a table. Her complaint states that a puddle was on the floor and that the defendants failed to clean it up. She slipped and suffered permanent injuries in her fall.

Colorado Slip & Fall Accidents Greatly Increase

According to one of the state’s largest insurance providers, the number of slip and fall claims that have filed has increased by 46% when looking at the number of claims reported last year. The claims specifically indicate that the victims are falling more frequently while entering and existing buildings or in a parking lot. Some are speculating that the reason could be because this winter was much hasher than the past two and people have “let their guard down”.

Minnesota News Anchor Files Slip & Fall Lawsuit Over 2017 Accident

Prominent Minnesota news anchor Jeff Passolt has filed suit against his home state for failing to properly maintain an icy sidewalk in the Twin Cities outside the Minnesota Judicial Center. Passolt, an anchor for Fox 9, says he slipped and fell on a sidewalk near the Minnesota State Capitol in February 2017, shortly after conducting an interview with then-Governor Mark Dayton. In his lawsuit, Passolt claims to have broken his hip in the fall, resulting in over $50,000 in medical expenses and significant pain and suffering. After breaking his hip, Passolt underwent a surgical procedure in which doctors installed screws to stabilize his hip.

To learn more about the case, click here.

Texas Man Sues 24 Hour Fitness After Gym Slip & Fall

A Texas man has filed suit against 24 Hour Fitness, accusing a gym in west Houston of negligence, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Anthony Akale says he slipped and fell on a recently mopped floor after his early morning workout on January 11, 2017. The plaintiff says there were no signs present to warn gym-goers about the dangerous condition of the floor. Seeking $500,000 in damages, Akale’s suit lists Kellermeyer Bergensons Services as a co-defendant; the contractor provides janitorial services to the 24 Hour Fitness location.

California Nurse Wins $1.4 Million In Grocery Store Slip & Fall Case

A California nurse has been awarded more than $1.4 million in damages for the serious shoulder injury she suffered during a 2015 fall in a Ralphs grocery store, according to Courtroom View Network. The award comes after a four-day trial. Vicki Bartholomew has been awarded $270,000 for medical expenses and $1.1 million for pain and suffering. The damages award is certain to be seen as a compromise between the demands of plaintiff and defense counsel. Bartholomew’s attorney requested around $2.37 million during closing arguments, while Ralphs grocery store came to a number closer to $547,415. Ralphs, a subsidiary of Kroger, admitted negligence in the case, which stemmed from an incident in which Bartholomew, then 63, slipped on a wet floor and fell in the store in September of 2015. She injured her shoulder, undergoing a shoulder replacement procedure, but her shoulder became infected, requiring subsequent surgical procedures.

Sam’s Club Slip & Fall Award Upheld On Appeal

A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that the $7,481 in compensation awarded to a woman injured in a slip and fall accident at a Sam’s Club store is not too low, according to Penn Live. While Donyale Showers disputes the ruling, Judge Judith Ference Olson of the Pennsylvania Superior Court says that $7,481 should be sufficient to cover the woman’s medical bills. Showers claims to have slipped on the wet concrete floor of the Sam’s Club, injuring her wrist, hip, knee, leg, elbow, ankle and shoulder during a visit in August of 2014. A medical examination the next day found no abnormalities, but around two days later, Showers fell again, this time injuring her knee. She would undergo surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus a year later. Showers blamed Sam’s Club for her injuries, while the store presented evidence from a medical expert who testified that Shower’s knee problems could be attributed to degenerative arthritis. Ultimately, the jury found Showers and Sam’s Club both 50% liable for the slip and fall.

Parking Lot Slip and Fall Lawsuit Results In $1.27 Million Award

A trial over a slip and fall accident that occurred in Chester County has ended in an award to the plaintiff of $1.27 million in damages. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit after slipping in the icy parking lot outside of his apartment on Thanksgiving night in 2014. The plaintiff suffered a broken ankle as a result of the accident. The trial lasted 8 days and the jury deliberated for 12 hours before determining that the companies that owned the apartment building were 94% liable for the accident and the snow removal company was 6% liable for the accident.

Philadelphia Area Hotel Sued Over Slip and Fall Accident

On July 30, a Florida couple filed a slip and fall complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The plaintiffs allege that on August 13, 2016, the woman was a guest at the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge where she suffered a slip and fall accident in which she allegedly injured her neck, knee, shoulder, and back. The plaintiffs request a trial by jury and seek damages of over $150,000.

Philadelphia Hospital Slip And Fall Accident Leads To Lawsuit

A 54-year-old female plaintiff has filed a slip and fall lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. According to the complaint, the plaintiff fell on Sept 10, 2014, in the hallway of the hospital. The plaintiff claims to have sustained a shoulder injury due to the fall which she alleges was caused by the negligence of the defendant. In June 2015, the plaintiff underwent an arthroscopy of the rotator cuff tear. The jury ultimately rendered a defense verdict.

Customer Sues Philadelphia Store Following Slip And Fall Accident

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a female plaintiff slipped and fell on a liquid that was on the floor of a Philadelphia Save-A-Lot grocery store. The complaint alleges that the store failed to provide a safe environment by failing to warn customers of the dangerous floor conditions. The alleged slip and fall accident occurred on September 9, 2016, and left the plaintiff with injuries to her arms, legs, back, and neck. The plaintiff has requested a trial by jury.

Man Files Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Business

A Philadelphia business is being sued by a man who alleges that he slipped and fell at their facility when exiting the elevator on October 4, 2016. The complaint states that the defendants failed to correct the dangerous situation of a liquid being on the elevator carpet and floor, causing the plaintiff to fall and sustain serious and permanent injuries. The plaintiff is seeking a trial by jury and compensatory damages in excess of $50,000.

Slip And Fall Lawsuit Filed Against LA Fitness

A Pennsylvania woman has filed a slip and fall lawsuit against LA Fitness, claiming that she fell and sustained injuries in 2013 at a Huntingdon Valley gym. According to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania decision, which was filed recently, the judgment is in favor of the LA Fitness and the woman’s lawsuit could not succeed due to the fact that she signed a release and waiver with her membership agreement.

Slip And Fall Lawsuit Filed Against Lowe’s

According to a new lawsuit filed in Chicago a man went into a Lowe’s in New Lenox, Illinois on January 13, 2017, and suffered a slip and fall accident. The complaint indicates that the man was entering the building when he slipped on an “unnatural accumulation of water, ice and snow upon the uneven surface . . . “ The man says he sustained injuries in the fall. He is requesting compensation in excess of $50,000, according to the suit.

Texas Woman Sues Chick-fil-A Over Slip And Fall

A Texas woman filed a slip and fall lawsuit against Chick-fil-A on February 28 in Jefferson County District Court. The plaintiff claims that she fell in the bathroom of the fast-food restaurant about 2 years ago, sustaining injuries that led to debilitating pain in her left leg, knee, ankle, hands, wrists, and elbows. The complaint alleges that there were no warning signs placed on the freshly mopped floor. The plaintiff is seeking up to $200,000 in damages.

Damages Awarded To PA Postal Worker In Slip And Fall Case

A postal worker from Lemoyne, PA slipped and fell onto his knee when entering a United States Post Office on June 4, 2015. The floor to the entrance of the office was wet from rain earlier in the day but there was no mat placed on the floor or signage posted to warn of the slippery conditions. The postal worker sustained a torn ligament and suffers ongoing difficulty as a result of the accident. He filed a slip and fall lawsuit claiming negligence against the government. Last month, the court found in favor of the plaintiff, who will be awarded damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering totaling over $25,000.

Woman Files Slip And Fall Lawsuit Against Restaurant

A woman filed a slip and fall lawsuit on December 21, 2017, in St. Clair County Court after she slipped and fell on ice and water at a Belleville restaurant. The suit was filed against Bamboo Valley Inc and claims the defendant was negligent in failing to warn of the dangerous condition and in failing to clean up the water and ice left on the floor. The plaintiff claims to have sustained injuries from her fall which prevent her from completing regular daily tasks and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

West Chester Man Files Slip And Fall Suit Against Apartment Owner

A West Chester, PA resident has filed a new slip and fall lawsuit, naming the owner of Westtown Apartments as one of the defendants. The complaint, filed in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, states that the plaintiff suffered injuries last year in a slip and fall accident in the parking lot of the apartment complex as a result of an accumulation of snow and ice that had not been properly treated or removed. The plaintiff sustained a broken leg and is seeking compensatory damages not in excess of $50,000.

$1 Million Slip And Fall Lawsuit Filed Against TV Academy And City Of LA

On September 18, 2016, the night of the 2016 Emmys, HBO’s Executive Vice President was leaving the Microsoft Theater with a large crowd of people. As she was walking, she stepped into a dirt cut-out space in the concrete which was not visible to guests, causing her to trip and fall backward onto the concrete. She landed on her right hip and suffered 3 fractures, in addition to other injuries. Her injuries caused her to be out of work for eight months as she recovered and cost over $1 million dollars in medical bills. The 15-page complaint filed on November 21, 2017 claims that the defendants were negligent.

Soccer Game Slip And Fall Lawsuit Settled

A 38-year old Oakwood man recently settled a slip and fall lawsuit after he suffered a badly broken ankle while playing indoor soccer at a Jewish Community Center in Sea View. He was diagnosed with a comminuted fracture, which is a fracture in several places, after slipping in a puddle on the rubber court caused by a ceiling leak on December 8, 2013. He has undergone 3 surgeries since the accident. According to his lawyer, the Jewish Community Center has settled the lawsuit for $450,000.

Couple Claims Burger King Slip And Fall Caused Serious Injuries

A Gretna couple has filed a slip and fall lawsuit against Burger King for negligence. The couple filed a lawsuit against Strategic Restaurants Acquisition Co. LLC, operating as Burger King; Burger King Corp.; Restaurant Units.; Burger King; and XYZ Insurance Co. in the Judicial District Court. The couple is claiming negligence following an incident in which the wife slipped in a puddle of liquid that was on the ground. The lawsuit states that the woman struck her head and hip on the ground. She is seeking all reasonable compensation due, attorneys fees, and court costs.

Woman Files Lawsuit Over Greasy KFC/Taco Bell Floor

A woman from Alton has filed a slip and fall lawsuit claiming that she slipped and fell on a slippery substance in a restaurant. The woman state that she was legally and lawfully on the premises of Taco Bell/KFC in Alton. The floor was allegedly covered with grease or some other foreign substance that caused her to slip and fall. The injured woman is requesting a trial by jury and seeks a judgment of more than $50,0000 for the damages sustained, the cost of the lawsuit and for further relief as the court sees as just and proper.

City Pays Man $200K After A Storm Drain Mural Slip And Fall

A man from Martin County, Florida was recently awarded a $200,000 settlement for a slip and fall accident he sustained on a mural in Springfield in front of the Greene County Justice Center. The man suffered a knee injury from the slip and fall. The incident was covered by the city’s insurance. The mural that the man slipped languished without proper maintenance, according to court documents. In his lawsuit, the man says that the mural should have been resealed in order to ensure the safety of passing pedestrians. After the incident, city officials report that the storm drains are now maintained on a very rigorous schedule.

Two Teachers In South Jersey File Slip And Fall Lawsuits

Two teachers who fell at a South Jersey school are suing the firm responsible for the school’s maintenance. The accident happened when one teacher, a Mount Laurel resident, slipped on a wet, slippery substance as she was walking to her classroom. The second teacher subsequently slipped and fell as well while he was responding to the first teacher’s call for help. They are both seeking damages in twin lawsuits due to the severe and permanent damages they say they suffered. Each lawsuit is alleging negligence by Aramark Management Services, stating that the Harrisburg-based contractor did not keep the school “reasonably safe” and “free from harm”.

Student Misses Slip-And-Fall Case Filing Deadline

A University of Maine student in Portland has missed a lawsuit notice deadline. The student had 180 days to file a lawsuit after she suffered injuries in a fall on UMS’ campus. The 180-day notice is required for government entities under Maine’s civil code. The student says she fell in icy conditions outside her USM dormitory and suffered a broken leg and torn ligaments. She later had to have surgery to address the injuries. Read more about the events that led to the 180-day notice deadline here.

Wallingford Couple Sues Macy’s For Trip And Fall Accident

A couple from Wallingford has sued Macy’s for alleged damages from negligence-related injuries the wife suffered after a trip and fall in the department store. The lawsuit states that the wife caught her right foot on a hard-crumpled rubber-edged floor mat that was placed at the entrance of the store. This trip and fall on the mat caused the wife to fall forward, landing face-first and suffering permanent and severe facial injuries and lacerations. The accident happened at the Macy’s in the Springfield Mall in Springfield Township. The couple sought over $50,000 on counts of negligence, but a final settlement agreement was reached with undisclosed settlement terms.

Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger Files Slip And Fall Lawsuit

A Michigan woman filed a slip and fall lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division against NCL (Bahamas) LTD. NCL LTD does business as Norwegian Cruise Line. The woman alleged negligence on board the cruise line following a slip and fall accident in which she suffered physical injuries. She is holding the cruise line responsible because they failed to provide warning of a slippery substance that was left on the floor.

Medical Worker’s Icy Slip And Fall Accident Results In $200,000 Settlement

A 35-year-old lab assistant and phlebotomist at Metropolitan Specialty Labs recently received a $200,000 settlement award for her slip and fall lawsuit. The medical worker claimed to have broken her ankle when she slipped and fell on ice a couple of years ago. The accident happened in the parking lot of the Dongan Hills building where she worked. In court documents, the plaintiff stated that as she was walking across the building’s parking lot she slipped and fell on ice. The woman sued Interstate Development, the building owner, and Ivy Realty Services, and the managing agent in her lawsuit. She suffered a fractured ankle and ended up getting surgery.

Princess Cruise Passenger Files Raw Sewage Slip And Fall Lawsuit

A Princess Cruise Line passenger has filed a lawsuit stating that she slipped and fell on board the ship on sewage in a toilet. The passenger claims that she was injured when she went to use a public restroom on the boat. When she went in, the toilet was overflowing with sewage which caused her to slip, fall on the floor, strike her face on the door sill, and cut herself. She injured her left breast and neck and lost consciousness while she lay in the contaminated toilet water.

Customer Sues For Fall From Leaky Toilet Puddle

A woman claims that she slipped and fell at the Hardin restaurant when she went to use their restroom. She alleges that the restroom facility had a puddle of water from a toilet leak that she ended up slipping and falling on. Her lawsuit states that the defendant failed to recognize that water was leaking from the toilet and neglected to inspect the restroom, and did not remove the puddle from the floor. In this case, the defendant is arguing that the plaintiff’s alleged injuries came about out of her own contributory negligence for failing to keep an eye out for her own well-being and safety.

Shopper Alleges She Was Injured In A Walmart Slip And Fall

A woman filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Louisiana LLC in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, stating that she was caused to slip and fall on a liquid that had been left on the floor in a Walmart she was visiting. The defendant is being accused of negligence. The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages as she alleges that the fall caused some serious injuries.

Woman Wins Lawsuit Against Dollar General Corp.

A local woman from Mobile, Alabama was recently awarded $1,725,000 in a civil lawsuit against the Dollar General corporation. Her award came after she slipped and fell in a Mobile store on July 9, 2012. The woman slipped and fell in laundry detergent. The fall caused her to have eight surgeries, 395 doctor visits and more than $470,000 in medical bills. A cash sum was awarded to the woman after a jury heard evidence from both sides.

Ardmore, PA McDonald’s Slip And Fall Injury Case Settled

Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas records, state that a premises liability lawsuit linked to an alleged fall at a McDonald’s restaurant in Ardmore, PA has been settled. The accident is said to have taken place on July 30, 2013, when the plaintiff states that he was caused to slip and fall in the McDonald’s, because of a liquid substance that was on the floor. The plaintiff argued that the defendant failed to clean up the substance which directly resulted in his fall. He allegedly suffered a number of grave and permanent personal injuries as a result of the accident. The complainant was seeking damages of over $50,000, as well as costs for other relief.

Surprising $3.5 Million Slip And Fall Plaintiff Judgement Causes Multiple Appeals

A QuikTrip store that resulted in a Pryor man’s slip and fall seven years ago is still causing a stir. Following his slip and fall, the man filed a lawsuit that awarded $3.5 million to the plaintiff. Since that judgment was made there have been, appeals and countersuits filed. The man slipped on a freshly mopped floor in the store and injured his back. The convenience store he filed against countered the lawsuit stating that the man neglected to be on the look out for his own safety in an area that had wet floor warnings. There were more lawsuits that spurned from this one.

$1.2 Million Slip-And-Fall Case Overturned By Supreme Court

The Iowa Supreme Court recently overturned a $1.2 million slip and fall case of a Texas woman who sued a Bettendorf Hotel after she slipped on ice outside the hotel. The high court’s decision was based on the fact that it ruled the Scott Country jurors did not receive correct jury instructions before starting their deliberations in the 2014 civil trial. The woman’s previous lawsuit was filed against Marriott after she slipped and fell outside the Marriott in Bettendorf. Her initial civil jury trial was awarded $1.2 million in damages, but the Marriott appealed this award. A new trial is to be held.

Giant Slip Fall Plaintiff Awarded $39,000 Instead Of $65,000

A 41-year-old who allegedly sustained shoulder injuries following a slip and fall in a Giant Food store in Delaware County filed a lawsuit against Giant seeking $65,000 for her injuries. However, the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas judge recently awarded her $39,000 instead of her initial $65,000. The award reduction was due to the jury assessing that 60 percent of the slip and fall responsibility fell on Giant and 40 percent on the plaintiff.

Slip And Fall Case Against Thruway Authority Sees State Trooper Lose Case

A State Trooper in Albany, New York lost his slip and fall case against Thruway Authority. The New York State Court of Appeals ruled that in this slip and fall case the state trooper may not sue the State thruway Authority where his accident took place. The decision was made on the basis of a “storm in progress” doctrine that protects landlords from being charged with negligence for any injuries. The trooper maintains that the Thruway Authority did not fully clear ice from the sidewalk at the barracks which caused him to fall.

Man Is Suing Two Companies Over His Slip-And-Fall Injuries

A man has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Greek Bristol Properties LP and H.T. Sweeney & Son Inc., stating negligence. The man alleges that he suffered injuries due to a slip-and-fall accident that was a result of the two companies’ negligence. The plaintiff alleges that he slipped and fell at the Bristol Properties’ facility where the surface was icy. He is seeking compensatory damages, interest, and cost of the lawsuit.

Man Sues Walmart For Slip And Fall Accident In Men’s Restroom

In Oregon, a man recently filed a $990,000 lawsuit against Walmart for a slip and fall accident he suffered in the restroom. The Walmart customer alleged that he slipped on a wet floor close to an empty paper towel dispenser, which led to him suffering a dislocated shoulder. The man alleges that since suffering from this accident he has undergone eight surgeries to fix the damage he suffered, but he has not yet fully recovered.

Woman Files Slip & Fall Lawsuit Against Alton Casino Queen

An Alton casino, Casino Queen, is being sued by a woman who alleges she slipped and fell on a foreign substance that was on the casino deli floor. The complainant states that the accident injured her ulnar styloid process. She further alleges that the casino was negligent by not removing the hazardous substance and for not placing any warning signs. However, Casino Queen denies these allegations and has demanded a trial by jury.

A South Charleston Hospital Sued For Slip-And-Fall Negligence

Thomas Memorial Hospital in Charleston is being sued by a woman who said she suffered a fall due to a slippery substance on the floor. The woman, Alicia Diane Leyda, filed her case on November 25 in the Kanawha Circuit Court against the hospital stating negligence. Leyda has stated that after the fall she suffered permanent and serious injuries.

Target Sued For Negligence In Slip-And-Fall Accident

A Florida federal jury found that Target Corp. was negligent in a woman’s slip-and-fall accident in Miami. However, 90 percent of the fall was blamed on the plaintiff leaving her with a $12,000 award out of the $100,000 lawsuit she was due to settle for. The woman stated that she fell on a liquid substance that was on the floor on the main aisle, but there was no evidence of who caused the spill to occur and how long it had been there for.

Man files slip and fall lawsuit against Best Buy

A man who was injured when he slipped and fell on ice outside of a Best Buy store has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for his medical expenses. He alleges that the company was negligent because they failed to clear the property of ice and snow. The complaint also alleges that there should have been signs warning him of the hazards.

St. Clair County Woman Files Lawsuit Against St. Clair Bowl Inc.

A St. Clair woman filed a lawsuit against St. Clair Bowl Inc. claiming that she slipped and fell on a slippery substance while she approached the bowling lane. The woman alleges that St.Clair Bowl was negligent because they did not warn her of the slippery floor, and did not exercise reasonable care in maintaining their premises. She seeks damages of over $50,000. St. Clair Bowl denies liability in this woman’s slip and fall lawsuit. For more information about this lawsuit visit MadisonRecord.com.

Woman Files Lawsuit Against City Of Philadelphia

A Philadelphia woman has filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging that the city failed to inspect and maintain a section of sidewalk on the Thomas Holme Recreation Facility. She claims that the defect in the sidewalk caused her to fall, and resulted in injuries including a fracture to her left fifth metatarsal, a tear of the right suprastinous tendon, disc herniations at C4-C7, and a right C6 vertebral radiculopathy. She is seeking to recover compensation for her medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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