Who owns Philadelphia’s sidewalks? And under tragic circumstances, like those of a trip and fall accident, who is responsible for their dangerous conditions?

Philadelphia Sidewalk Trip & Fall Lawyers

You may assume that the City of Philadelphia is accountable for the conditions of its sidewalks, but governmental agencies enjoy numerous legal protections against the threat of legal action. In most instances, responsibility for the safety of Philadelphia’s pedestrians falls not upon the government but upon the owners of residential and commercial properties.

Sidewalk Trip & Fall Accidents In Philadelphia

Were you injured in a trip and fall accident on Philadelphia’s sidewalks? Did you trip over a broken or uneven, cracked or raised sidewalk flagstone?

In this time of need, you may be suffering from serious injuries. Sidewalk trip and fall accidents commonly result in severe ankle, leg, and knee injuries, many of which require surgery.

The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Philly Slip and Fall Guys have helped many Philadelphia residents like you recover with peace of mind. Whether we are strengthening insurance claims or pursuing justice in a court of law, our trip and fall attorneys always work aggressively for our clients’ best interests. You may be entitled to valuable compensation – covering everything from medical expenses and lost wages to pain and suffering.

Who Is Liable For Philadelphia’s Sidewalks?

When it comes to sidewalks, the City of Philadelphia is “secondarily liable” for accidents occurring on their property. If a trip and fall accident takes place on a sidewalk in front of a privately-owned business or home, the business or residence owner is primarily responsible for maintaining their sidewalk in a hazard-free state.

Trip & Fall On Broken & Uneven Sidewalks Infographic

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Trip & Fall Accidents On Sidewalks Owned By The City of Philadelphia

Injuries sustained in trip and fall accidents on sidewalks owned by governmental agencies, like the City of Philadelphia and local school districts, are exceedingly difficult to pursue as personal injury lawsuits.

In fact, local governmental agencies are immune to the vast majority of personal injury claims. One pertinent exception: claims pursuant to a trip and fall accident occurring on city sidewalks.

Can I Sue The City Of Philadelphia For My Sidewalk Trip & Fall?

If your trip and fall accident occurred on governmental property, the courts will interpret the law strictly, in the City of Philadelphia’s favor. Valid claims can only be made against Philadelphia if your trip and fall accident was caused by “a dangerous condition of sidewalks.” This definition limits viable claims to those involving defects in the sidewalk itself. Unlike trip and fall accidents that occur on private property, Philadelphia’s governmental agencies cannot be sued for failing to clean up potentially dangerous spills or debris on their sidewalks.

For example, if you tripped and fell on a broken, cracked or unevenly raised sidewalk owned by the city of Philadelphia, you may be eligible for compensation with the right trip and fall attorney’s assistance. But litigating trip and fall accident cases under these circumstances can become peculiarly nuanced. Many Philadelphians slip and fall on ice that has formed over a sidewalk’s surface. The City of Philadelphia will be immune to such claims. But if ice collected due to a sidewalk’s defect, like a pothole, a slip and fall accident claim may be pursued against the city.

For more information, visit our “Slip And Fall: On City Property” page.

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