Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers For Pothole Accident Victims

There’s a common saying among urban planners and construction workers: “every city has two seasons: winter and pothole season.” Philadelphia is no exception. On our city streets and pedestrian walkways, potholes can form seemingly overnight, presenting considerable danger to walkers.

With the help of an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, victims of a pothole-related trip and fall accident can pursue compensation for their medical treatment and lost wages. The lawyers at Philly Slip and Fall Guys are committed to representing Philadelphia’s victims of negligence with aggressive advocacy and compassionate guidance.

If you were hurt after tripping in a pothole in Philadelphia, contact our personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

Trip & Fall Pothole Accidents

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How Do Potholes Form?

Why is summer synonymous with “pothole season”? It’s all in the way that potholes form.

All roadways deteriorate over time. Weather conditions, traffic, or simply the feet of pedestrians can all weaken the layer of asphalt on a sidewalk or street. This causes small cracks to form in the pavement. Eventually, these cracks fill with water, usually from melting snow during the winter. This water freezes when temperatures drop, expanding as ice, and enlarging the crack. At the same time, the liquid softens whatever material is beneath the asphalt, usually called “subgrade.” Continued traffic “flexes” the asphalt, forcing some of the subgrade out, leaving an empty space below. Over time, this space grows larger. The asphalt finally buckles, creating a large gap in the pavement, a pothole.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Pothole Trip And Fall Accident In Philadelphia?

Liability for a pothole trip and fall accident falls upon whoever was responsible for maintaining the area in which the pothole formed. This may include Pennsylvania State and City of Philadelphia governmental agencies, private business owners, and the owners of private residences.

In order for responsibility for a pothole trip and fall accident to be determined, it must be found that the street or sidewalk’s relevant caretaker was aware, or should have been aware, of the pothole and the danger it presented, but did nothing to fix it.

For more information on accidents involving Philadelphia’s sidewalks, visit our page “Slip And Fall: On Sidewalks.”

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