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Common Causes Of Slip And Falls At A Business

When you enter the property of a business of any kind, you likely have certain expectations. You may expect to speak with a company representative or even make a purchase. What you don’t expect is to be involved in a slip and fall accident that ultimately results in serious injuries.  Common Causes Of Slip And [...]

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Jury Awards $1.24 Million To Former Dental Assistant For Slip & Fall Injuries

A condo association and maintenance company have lost a slip and fall claim filed by a former dental assistant and have been ordered to pay the plaintiff over $1 million dollars.  Leak In Utility Room Causes Permanent Back Injuries  In September 2014, the plaintiff, a now 55-year-old woman, was working as a dental assistant. Her [...]

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Waitress Wins Slip And Fall Lawsuit Filed Against Her Employer

In a rare instance, a waitress has won a slip and fall lawsuit that was filed against the owner of the restaurant that she worked at.  Waitress Sues Employer And Restaurant Owner In 2015, a waitress was working for the owner of Al Saha Restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan. The restaurant was closed for the night, [...]

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$3 Million Awarded To Woman Hurt In Slip And Fall In Casino

When one thinks of visiting a casino, they typically think about flashing lights, food and drink, and gambling. What they don’t take into consideration is that they could become permanently injured in a slip and fall accident on the casino premises.  $3 Million Awarded To Casino Slip And Fall Victim In 2016, a woman decided [...]

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$2 Million Awarded After Slip & Fall By Ice Machine

A woman has won nearly $2 million after she filed a slip and fall lawsuit against a convenience store.  Lawsuit Alleges Property Owner Knew Ice Bins Allowed Water To Pool According to the legal complaint, in December 2016, the plaintiff visited USA Grocers to purchase soda. The soda was near ice bins and when the [...]

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Can You Sue A Chain Restaurant For A Slip And Fall?

Despite the wonderful invention of the drive-thru, millions of Americans opt to set foot in chain restaurants every day. The moment that they step out of their vehicle, they could be at risk of becoming the next slip and fall accident victim. McDonalds Sued By Women Who Fell On Premises On June 5th, 2019, a [...]

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Three Men Found Guilty In Massive Slip & Fall Fraud Scheme

All over the country thousands of people are legitimately hurt in slip and fall accidents each year. These men and women find themselves in a difficult situation, juggling a painful injury, financial difficulty due to medical bills, and a career that has been impacted as a result. They have the right to seek compensation for [...]

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Children Of Woman With Dementia Win Slip & Fall Case

When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident, they typically are believed when they speak about the accident and what took place. But what happens when the victim has been diagnosed with a condition like dementia? 90-Year-Old Emits “Excited Utterance” After Slip & Fall In 2015, a then 90-year-old woman was entering [...]

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ShopRite Sued For Slip & Fall Accident Involving String Bean

Shoprite is once again facing a slip and fall lawsuit, filed by a woman who is seeking significant compensation for the injuries she sustained in her local store. String Bean Causes Serious Injuries In 2014, a 55-year-old woman went shopping at her local ShopRite. She was browsing through the produce section when she suddenly felt [...]

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$1.1 Million Awarded To Hospital Slip & Fall Victim

Hospitals are supposed to be where people can seek help for their illnesses and injuries, not where visitors sustain those injuries. Sadly, one woman discovered that hospitals can be just as dangerous as other properties when she slipped and fell while visiting a friend. Jury Rules In Favor Of Hospital Slip & Fall Victim In [...]

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