What To Expect From Slip and Fall Accident Settlements

Settlements may have different meanings in the context of a slip and fall accident. It’s either a monetary amount offered by a negligent party to avoid litigation, or the amount awarded from such action. Understanding what to expect in either scenario will help guide your decision-making throughout the claim process. An experienced slip and fall lawyer like those here at the Philly Slip and Fall Guys can help you. 

Dealing With Insurance Companies 

There’s a strong possibility your slip and fall claim gets referred to an insurance company (regardless of the circumstances of your accident). Both commercial and residential property owners can rely on property insurance providers to support them in these scenarios. The claims agent will contact you for relevant details, including the amount of your medical expenses. You can request they direct all communication to your slip and fall lawyer if you wish. 

The insurance company may offer you a financial settlement to avoid further legal proceedings. What you may be entitled to depends on the severity of your injuries as well as the degree to which the property owner’s negligence contributed to your accident. A minimum acceptable amount might be at least enough to cover the costs of your accident expenses. Consult with your attorney to determine whether a settlement offer is fair. 

Litigating Your Case In Court

Don’t hesitate to pursue litigation if you believe a settlement offer from an insurance company is not enough. The reward from a civil claim can include coverage for your medical expenses, compensation for your pain and suffering, and payment for your legal fees. Such an amount could be determined by either a mediator, a judge, or a jury (depending on the scope of your claim). 

Local statutes shared by the Pennsylvania Legislature show that the state follows the contributory negligence rule. This means that you can still collect legal damages even if your actions contributed to your fall. The property owner may still be held liable, provided their degree of responsibility for the incident is greater than yours. Their degree of liability may influence a potential award. I

Working Through An Appeal 

Appealing the outcome of your slip and fall case is an option for either you or the property owner. You may appeal any decision in favor of the property owner by presenting new evidence. The property owner or their insurance company may appeal the degree of liability they are assigned. Any amount you’re awarded from your case can be withheld until an appeal is resolved. 

Retaining a legal award during an appeal could depend on the evidence you have supporting your claim. Hold on to medical bills and maintain contact with witnesses to your accident. This information maybe called upon again as an appellate court or judge contemplates reversing an earlier decision. 

Find a Strong Slip and Fall Lawyer 

Compensation following a slip and fall accident can assist in your recovery process. The confidence in knowing that financial assistance is available allows you to focus on overcoming your accident injuries. Having a slip and fall lawyer as a resource helps in making such assistance a reality. The Philly Slip and Fall Guys team will fight for your compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.