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Can A Personal Injury Lawyer For Prisoners Help File A Slip & Fall Lawsuit?

Update: Since we first reported on this prison injury case, a settlement was reached between prison officials and the victim. The amount awarded in the claim is significantly less than was demanded by the victim though it is still a substantial amount of cash. However, scroll down to learn about the latest twist of fate which may keep Gioeli from ever receiving his slip and fall settlement check. A convicted Colombo family mobster has recently…


$1.1 Million Awarded To Hospital Slip & Fall Victim

Hospitals are supposed to be where people can seek help for their illnesses and injuries, not where visitors sustain those injuries. Sadly, one woman discovered that hospitals can be just as dangerous as other properties when she slipped and fell while visiting a friend. Jury Rules In Favor Of Hospital Slip & Fall Victim In 2016, the plaintiff was visiting a friend at Capital Regional Medical Center. On her way out, she passed by a…


Plaintiff Obtains $6 Million Settlement After Slip & Fall In KOP

Did you know that it is possible to reach a settlement agreement even in the middle of a trial? That’s exactly what happened recently with a premises liability case that was eight days into a trial in Philadelphia. Salesman Sues Manufacturing Company In King Of Prussia According to court records, the lawsuit was filed in 2016 after the plaintiff, a salesman, slipped in fell in the reception area of First Quality Enterprises, a manufacturing company…