$1.1 Million Awarded To Hospital Slip & Fall Victim

Hospitals are supposed to be where people can seek help for their illnesses and injuries, not where visitors sustain those injuries. Sadly, one woman discovered that hospitals can be just as dangerous as other properties when she slipped and fell while visiting a friend.

Jury Rules In Favor Of Hospital Slip & Fall Victim

In 2016, the plaintiff was visiting a friend at Capital Regional Medical Center. On her way out, she passed by a utility room and suddenly slipped and fell. The fall caused her to shatter her left knee cap and she required immediate surgery.

The first surgery was not entirely successful and she required several others as well as physical therapy. Her recovery was extensive and her medical bills added up to over $100,000. Today, she still suffers pain that will never fully go away in that knee.

The hospital had surveillance cameras placed in the hallways which caught her fall on video. Just prior to the accident, a hospital employee dragged soiled linens into the utility closet – an action that went directly against hospital policy. In fact, hospital policy stated that soiled linens could not be moved in such a manner since it increased the chances of a slip and fall.

A year after the accident the plaintiff filed her lawsuit and surprisingly, despite knowing that their own policy had been broken, the hospital did not settle. The case went to court where a jury found the hospital at fault and awarded the plaintiff $1.1 million for her losses.

Can I Sue If I Slipped & Fell In A Hospital?

Yes, it may be possible to pursue legal action if you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a hospital.

Hospitals, like any other property, must do everything they can to provide visitors with a safe, hazard-free environment. This means taking reasonable steps to check all areas of the property for possible hazards and fixing any issues that are discovered.

This might sound simple but proving a that a property owner or manager knew or should have known about a slip and fall hazard can be quite difficult. That’s why it’s best to consult with experienced attorneys who have handled similar cases in the past.

Why Does Litigation Take So Long?

It is true that it may take months or even years for a lawsuit to resolve. While this may seem like a long time, the fact is that it can take a long time to recover all of the evidence to prove your claim. In addition to this, if a settlement cannot be reached with the defendant, a court date must be scheduled. Due to a backlog in the court system, the date may be months away.

Settlement vs Trial: Which Should I Choose?

The majority of all slip and fall lawsuits are settled out of court, but that doesn’t mean this settlement is the right choice for you and your loved ones.

There are advantages to settling. Typically this means that the lawsuit will end quickly and the plaintiff will recover their compensation within 30 days of reaching an agreement. However, an offer to settle may not be made or isn’t worth taking and even careful negotiation may not help both sides to reach an agreement.

With one of our experienced trial attorneys by your side, you don’t need to fear a trial. Our legal team will aggressively fight in court for the full compensation that you need.

How Much Is My Slip & Fall Lawsuit Worth?

The total amount that you may be able to recover through a slip and fall lawsuit depends on the losses that you have sustained. Losses that can be recovered include medical expenses, earning that have been lost, physical pain, and emotional suffering.