Plaintiff Obtains $6 Million Settlement After Slip & Fall In KOP

Did you know that it is possible to reach a settlement agreement even in the middle of a trial? That’s exactly what happened recently with a premises liability case that was eight days into a trial in Philadelphia.

Salesman Sues Manufacturing Company In King Of Prussia

According to court records, the lawsuit was filed in 2016 after the plaintiff, a salesman, slipped in fell in the reception area of First Quality Enterprises, a manufacturing company that is based in King of Prussia, PA.

According to the plaintiff, he noticed some water in the area while attempting to use the restroom. He actually tried to help clean up the spilled liquid but during the process, slipped and fell, slamming his head into the hard floor. He was knocked unconscious for more than four minutes. Someone then discovered him and he was taken to Paoli Hospital for treatment.

His doctors diagnosed him with a spinal injury for which he has required ongoing spinal injections and physical therapy. To date, his medical treatments have cost more than $280,000 and he has been told his future medical care will likely cost another $1,000,000.

Plaintiff Accuses Defendant Of Hiding Evidence

The entire accident was caught on a surveillance video, however, when the plaintiff watched the video, he alleged that part of it had been cut out and that the video had been altered. Instead of providing the original copy, the defendant alleged that he no longer had it available.

The defendant also stated that the floor was dry and that the water came from a water bottle that the plaintiff had been drinking, further claiming that the entire accident could potentially have been staged.

A complete investigation by Workers’ Compensation officials favored the plaintiff – they found no evidence that he had staged his own alip and fall accident. Instead, a second video was discovered, which showed the defendant moving a watering can which could have been the source of the water.

In response, the plaintiff requested to be awarded punitive damages since the defendant attempted to cover up the cause of the slip and fall.

$6 Million Dollar Settlement Reached During Trial

Although a settlement couldn’t be reached prior to going to trial, during the trial both parties came to an agreement, providing the plaintiff with $6 million. The amount will be paid by two insurance companies covering First Quality Enterprises.

Settlements vs Favorable Verdicts: Which Is Better?

Our legal team is often asked if taking a settlement is a good idea or if it’s better to push through to trial and fight in court.

Unfortunately, this question isn’t always easy to answer.

The majority of all personal injury cases do settle outside of court. When an offer is made, our legal team reviews the amount with our client and discusses the pros and cons fo accepting the offer. Many clients choose to accept an offer after careful negotiations produce the highest amount possible because it ends the legal battle sooner rather than wait for a court date.

However, an offer isn’t always made and frequently the amount offered simply isn’t enough.

With Philly Slip & Fall Guys by your side, you don’t have to fear a trial. Our lawyers will fight aggressively for the maximum compensation possible and will prepare you for the experience so you can feel confident every step of the way.

How Long Do Slip & Fall Lawsuits Take?

At the very least, a slip and fall lawsuit will take several months to reach its conclusion, but it’s not uncommon for a lawsuit to take more than a year to resolve. This is because it takes our legal team time to collect the evidence needed to support a client’s claim.

Although this may seem like a long time to wait for compensation, it may be the only way to completely recover the compensation that you both need and deserve.

Don’t wait. Get started on your slip and fall lawsuit today. Call now.