4 Reasons to File a Trip and Fall Claim as Soon as Possible

Trip and fall accidents are a type of premises liability case, meaning you may be entitled to compensation if the accident occurred in a private or commercial area due to a hazard that should have been addressed. This can include trips and falls due to staircases in shopping malls or potholes in unkempt parking lots. Contacting a trip and fall lawyer from Philly Slip and Fall Guys can help you receive maximum compensation for your case. Here are four reasons to file a claim as soon as possible:

1. Meet the Statute of Limitations

In Philadelphia, the statute of limitations on trip and fall cases is two years. That means that two years after your accident, you can no longer pursue legal action or try to receive a settlement for your injuries. Receiving compensation for a trip and fall claim has the potential to take a long time. This is especially true if your case goes to court. Filing your claim as soon as possible can help you meet this statute of limitations and receive the compensation you deserve.

2. Prove Your Injuries Were Directly Caused by the Accident

Immediately following a trip and fall accident, you should receive medical attention and contact a lawyer. If you wait too long for either of these things, the party responsible for your accident may try to claim that your injuries were not directly caused by the accident. Contacting a lawyer and providing medical documentation helps invalidate their argument and prove that your injuries were caused by tripping.

3. Preserve Evidence

An experienced lawyer helps you collect evidence following a trip and fall accident. Failing to file your claim as soon as you can makes it more difficult to collect and document evidence. Evidence can include photographs of the scene, video camera surveillance, and accident reports. Failing to preserve this evidence may weaken your claim and complicate the legal process, potentially leading to a decrease in the amount of compensation you can receive. It is also beneficial to file your claim quickly if there were witnesses to your accident. They will likely remember your case more accurately the more recently that it happened.

4. Resolve Your Case Quickly

Filing your trip and fall claim as soon as possible gives you a better chance of receiving compensation on time. This allows you to pay for medical costs and other expenses. It may also facilitate a faster recovery by allowing you to focus on rehabilitation without any distractions. Contacting a lawyer expedites the legal process so you can return to your normal life promptly.

Contact a Trip and Fall Lawyer From Philly Slip and Fall Guys

A trip and fall case can lead to expensive damages, including medical bills and lost wages. Filing your case as soon as possible may help you get maximum compensation for your case. Philly Slip and Fall Guys is a Philadelphia-based law firm serving the five surrounding counties and South Jersey. Contact one of our trip and fall lawyers today for a free case consultation.