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How To Prove Liability In A Slip & Fall Claim

Were you or a loved one injured in a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia? You may be eligible to pursue financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. The key, as in all civil lawsuits, is to determine who should be held responsible for the injuries caused by the slip and fall. In this [...]

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Minnesota News Anchor Sues State After Slip & Fall

Longtime Minnesota news anchor Jeff Passolt is suing the State of Minnesota for negligence in a new slip and fall lawsuit, claiming the State failed to properly maintain a slippery sidewalk outside of the State Capitol, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Slip & Fall Lawsuit Filed Against State Of Minnesota In a lawsuit filed last [...]

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Two New Slip & Fall Lawsuits Raise Serious Safety Questions

Two major new slip and fall lawsuits have raised serious questions about the safety conditions at one of America's largest stores and a prestigious university in South Carolina. Walmart Accused Of Negligence In Slip & Fall Case A widow from Michigan has filed a new slip and fall lawsuit against Walmart, accusing the national retail [...]

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Texas Woman Files Slip & Fall Lawsuit Against Dollar Tree

A Texas woman has filed suit against Dollar Tree, Inc., accusing the company of negligence in a slip and fall accident that led to severe injuries. Lavern Mitchell filed suit against the chain of dollar stores on December 3, 2018, claiming that she "slipped and fell on a puddle of a brownish foreign substance" at [...]

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It Will Be A Blue Christmas If You Slip and Fall

The winter holidays are in full swing, and you probably have laid down an exciting plan. And while all might be going as planned, the ice and snow present many health risks not only within the neighborhood but also at the workplace. Snow and ice are outdoor weather conditions that cause people to trip and [...]

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Slip & Fall Accidents: The Danger Lurking In Autumn Leaves

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it's not without its fair share of hazards. Taking a moment to bask in all of the golden foliage and autumnal beauty is a must, but among the bursting colors there is still a need for caution and care. Fallen leaves can cause surfaces to be slippery, [...]

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Can You Sue The Government For A Slip And Fall?

There have been numerous incidents where slip and fall accidents have caused serious injury in government-owned buildings and other facilities. Public transit locations are notorious for the danger they pose to the public. Uneven ground in parks and public sidewalks has caused several slip and fall accidents. Wet floors or floor mats have caused people [...]

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What Happens If I Slip And Fall In A Retail Store?

In 2016, 3.3 percent of all full-time retail workers experienced an illness or injury related to the workplace. Noting that 3.3 out of every 100 workers was injured does not sound ominous until you realize that it is the highest injury rate in the corporate world. That 3.3 percent of workers being injured is even [...]

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Don’t Let Slip and Falls Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is intended to be scary. From ghoulish costumes for trick-or-treating to haunted houses, the entire idea behind this holiday is to scare or to be scared. That being said, Halloween was never meant to be a day of accidents. Yet, this holiday seems to have the highest record of slip, trip, and fall accidents. [...]

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Using Homeowner’s Insurance For Slip & Fall Accidents

The last thing you want when you have a visitor or worker in your home is an injury accident, but it does happen. When someone experiences a slip and fall accident at your home, who is responsible for paying the bills? If you are taken to court, do you pay the expenses and settlement or [...]

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