Winter Storms In Philly Create Slip & Fall & Auto Accident Hazards

In early February of 2021, a cold front that affected large swaths of the Northeast, and in fact the entire country, didn’t skip over the City of Philadelphia.

A snow emergency was already in place when the month started. The emergency order was lifted by the first Tuesday of the month, but Philadelphians were encouraged to remain home as long as possible seeing as how nearly 8″ of snow had fallen.

City officials indicated that salting and plowing crews would be laboring around the clock to get the City’s main arteries back in working order. Yet, with only 450 pieces of equipment available for cleanup, not all streets would be tended to and those that were covered would not be perfect. Carlton Williams, the Philadelphia Streets Commissioner, explained:

Our goal is to make the roads as possible and return the city back to its normal operations as quickly as possible… This does not mean our roads will be completely clear of snow and ice but are made passable for safe travel.

Philadelphia residents are no strangers to winter storms. Yet, every year countless individuals become victims of the treacherous conditions that can develop. Indeed, the rate of personal injuries that occur in Philly usually skyrocket in response to shoddy weather.

Winter Storms In Philly Create Slip & Fall & Auto Accident Hazards

Slip & Fall On Philly Sidewalk

Philly is generally lauded as a very “walkable” city, especially for those who live and work within the boundaries of Center City. But when icy conditions turn the highly-trafficked sidewalks into slippery areas, pedestrians have to exercise extra caution.

Unfortunately, there are times when no amount of caution on behalf of the victim could have prevented a slip & fall accident on a Philly sidewalk. In such instances, it’s possible for injury victims to file a slip, trip & fall claim against the city.

Current legislation poses many obstacles between slip and fall accident victims and the compensation they deserve. For this reason, seeking the help of a Philly slip and fall lawyer can prove to be a worthy endeavor. Filing an injury or accident claim against the city is not the same as filing a lawsuit claiming negligence on behalf of a private citizen. If specific steps are not followed, such as reporting the slip and fall and the intention to seek damages within a specific period of time, the victim’s claim can be completely invalidated, no matter how genuine it may be.

The Philly Slip and Fall Guys have dedicated their careers to serving injury victims in Philadelphia. If you believe you may have a claim against the City after a slip and fall in Philly, reach out to our team today for a free case consultation.

Philadelphia Store Falling Accidents

In the same manner that the City owes citizens a duty to maintain the sidewalks and streets, private business owners owe visitors to their premises the duty to protect them from harm.

Hazardous conditions within a store, including wet flooring, loose wiring, broken floor tiles, cracked sidewalks, lackluster lighting, and poor security can all serve as a basis for injury victims to seek compensation. But winning a premises liability or store slip and fall case in Philly can be quite difficult. It’s important to hire an attorney who knows the local laws and who has won similar cases in the past.

Our personal injury lawyers have proudly represented victims of Philly grocery store slip and fall accidents for many years. If a business owner or manager was negligent in their duty to provide safe premises for customers to visit, then they should be held responsible for their carelessness, if for no other reason than because it can prevent other unsuspecting individuals from becoming victims themselves.

Auto Accidents Caused By Icy Roads In Philadelphia

When icy roads lead to car crashes and other vehicular collisions, any individual who suffers injuries in such accidents likely has grounds to file a compensation claim.

Whether it be with their own insurance company or with that of another driver, a person hurt in a Philly auto accident should be eligible for compensation. Some expenses considered by claims include remuneration for medical bills, cosmetic and mechanical repairs (or even full replacement) to the vehicle and even lost wages (in some cases.)

While filing a claim with an insurance company may sound simple, one must understand that insurance providers are private businesses. As such, their goal is to save money on each and every policy they underwrite. Towards this goal, they can and will use any strategies necessary to get accident victims to settle for less than they’re entitled to.

An experienced auto accident law firm will be familiar with the insurance company’s game plan and know how to counteract it to your benefit. Ultimately, you’re much more likely to achieve greater compensation if you’re represented by a Philly auto accident lawyer, whether you’re filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit in court.