A Historical Look at Fishtown, PA

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This coastal neighborhood is situated in the eastern section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It lies just north of Center City with Old Kensington to its west. The Delaware Expressway runs through the town along with East Thompson Street and North Delaware Avenue. It is 3.2 miles from downtown Philadelphia taking Market Street.


The neighborhood was once the home of the Turtle Clan of the Lenape Native American Indians, also referred to as the Delaware Indians. A group of six Swedish families was the first European settlers. They were later replaced with British shipbuilders and even some German fishermen. The area was initially part of Kensington, which was founded by an Englishman, Captain Anthony Palmer. Palmer purchased the land with the money received from selling Hope Farm estate. He divided the area into lots and sold them to the other fisherman and shipbuilders.

Due to a rise in home prices, the area has become filled with professionals and artists. Several upscale entertainments, dining, and art establishments have opened due to this. The Pig Iron Theatre Company, located on North 2nd Street, opened in 1995 and serves the community with entertaining productions and a school of arts.

Historical Landmarks

The area is home to several historical landmarks, some dating back as far as 1769. Some of these include the following:

  • 1769 – The Penn Home – Susquehanna Avenue
  • 1786 – The Frederick J. Rapp House – Frankford Avenue
  • 1810 – The Jacob Souder Frame Dwelling – Marlborough Street
  • 1863 – The Fifth Dutch Reformed Church – Frankford Avenue


The area’s population was 25,207 in 2020. The racial makeup was the following:

  • 80% white
  • 5% African American
  • 8% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4% Asian
  • 2% two or more races

Polish is spoken by 8.6% of the population, and 94.7% speak English as their first language. The ancestral breakdown of the community’s residents is the following:

  • 28.4% Irish
  • 22.3% German
  • 15.7% Italian
  • 12.2% English
  • 5.1% Polish
  • 1.6% Slovak

The average household income for the community was $79,057, which is higher than the national average of $62,843. The occupational breakdown of the working class in the community was the following:

  • 60.7% management, executive, and professional professions
  • 21.0% service and sales positions
  • 13.2% laborers and manufacturing occupations
  • 4.9% state, local, or federal government jobs

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