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JC Melrose Country Club

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Spending the weekend visiting your local country club is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy a game of golf and spend quality time with friends and family. Our slip and fall injury lawyers in Philly have sponsored this article for you to discover hidden gems in the Philadelphia community.


JC Melrose was founded in 1916, originally named The Curtis Country Club. The Club did not start as a golf course but did have a marvelous clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, a track and ball field, and bungalows for guests to stay in.

In the late 1920s, architect Perry Maxwell designed and built a golf course added to the property. In 1947, the Club’s name was then changed to Melrose Country Club.


Choose from three different types of golfing available at the Club. If you’re interested in playing a round of golf with a few friends, explore the booking and pricing options online.

Are you a part of a league? Let the staff at Melrose assist you in planning an event and bring the crew to the Club, where you’ll have the helpful staff assist you in ensuring your special event is nothing but flawless.


The JC Melrose Country Club is well-known for its spectacular 20,000 square foot clubhouse that offers a spacious facility excellent for your event. The banquet hall can help host events that accommodate up to 300 guests for weddings and corporate conferences or larger occasions suitable for up to 500 guests.

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