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Stenton Historic House

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Built-in 1730, the Stenton home is one of the best-preserved historic houses in all of Philadelphia. Originally the home of Secretary James Logan to William Penn, it remained in the family for six generations.

Today, the home remains furnished with artifacts and objects belonging to the Logan family from the 18th and 19th century.

Logan Family History

The Logan family were prominent Quakers in Philadelphia and played an active role in politics. Stenton’s history is rich in anecdotes of early America, told through one family’s perspectives and representing greater issues that were fundamental to the growth of the United States.

The Stenton home remained in the family through the beginning of the 20th century. The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is held responsible for the historic grounds’ maintenance and upkeep.


Today, Stenton is furnished with Logan family artifacts, many of which have been recovered in the last one hundred years by family members. Logan imported furniture from some of the most well-known and talented craftsmen in the Colonies as a wealthy and influential Philadelphian, as well as purchasing items from England.

The collections represent a variety of designs dating back to the late 17th century around the William and Mary era, to furniture from Queen Anne’s era. You can also find pieces of early American textiles and styles of clothing.


The historic house is open to the public to explore and discover historical artifacts, as well as experiencing a staged home from the 17th century. Find admission information online and enjoy all the historical museum has to offer.

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