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Harrowgate is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, located directly northeast of Kensington Avenue. Its surrounded by Feltonville, Juniata, Fairhill, Port Richmond, Frankford, and Bridesburg.


Captian George Esterly, a Revolutionary War veteran, established Harrowgate when he discovered water sources around what is now Kensington Ave, where Harrowgate Square is situated.

Dr. Benjamin Rush declared the spring water to be safe, and Esterly built a spa there with parks, overnight accommodations, food and drink, occasional concerts, and a coach service from Philadelphia’s Second and Market Streets. Shortly after, the spring dried up, but that didn’t stop Philadelphia from flourishing.

Just down the road, the country estates of the prominent and wealthy Paschall and Morris families were located, with one of the estates built in 1746. In 1926, the Morris family donated their house to the city, which was then moved to West Fairmount Park, where it became open to the public.


Harrowgate was historically a working-class neighborhood with inhabitants descended from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. As of the census in 2010, Harrowgate’s racial makeup consists of an estimated 48% Hispanic, 34% White, 10% Black, 4% Asian, and the remainder taking about 3% of the population.

Harrowgate has been mostly a low-income community with a significant Puerto Rican population. However, there are large communities of Poles, Irish, Dominicans, African Americans, and West Indians.

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