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Don’t Let Slip and Falls Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is intended to be scary. From ghoulish costumes for trick-or-treating to haunted houses, the entire idea behind this holiday is to scare or to be scared. That being said, Halloween was never meant to be a day of accidents. Yet, this holiday seems to have the highest record of slip, trip, and fall accidents. [...]

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Using Homeowner’s Insurance For Slip & Fall Accidents

The last thing you want when you have a visitor or worker in your home is an injury accident, but it does happen. When someone experiences a slip and fall accident at your home, who is responsible for paying the bills? If you are taken to court, do you pay the expenses and settlement or [...]

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Increasing Worker Knowledge About Slip, Trip, & Falls

As a general rule, construction companies want to increase workplace safety while decreasing construction accidents. Until recently, safety training was usually very generic and focused on important topics but in very general ways. There has been a recent focus on slip, trip, and fall accidents in construction workplaces and the study of motion, of the [...]

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Compensation After a Slip and Fall in a Hotel

Vacations are usually fun. It is a time to move away from the routine pressure of life, visit new and exciting sites or relax by the pool at a hotel. You usually expect to be safe when enjoying a hotel, whether you are there for business or even pleasure. Unfortunately, a slip and fall accident [...]

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When Places Of Healing Hurt

When people go to the hospital or put loved ones into assisted living facilities, the last thing they would expect would be to facing a slip and fall incident. Even in a medical facility that is run by experts and has many different rules put in place to prevent accidents, things can happen. If you [...]

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Staying Safe From Water-Related Slip and Fall Accidents This Summer

It’s the dog days of summer. With temperatures reaching their highest peaks of the year, it’s important to stay cool. Fortunately, the Philadelphia area offers a variety of water-related activities that are great for cooling off from the sweltering heat and humidity of mid to late summer in the city. Whether you’re going to a [...]

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Former NFL Star Reggie Bush Awarded $12.5 Million In Slip and Fall Lawsuit

In a case that could have future implications for professional athlete injuries, former NFL star running back Reggie Bush was awarded $12.5 million in damages over a slip and fall injury that occurred during a game in 2015. After returning a punt, Bush’s momentum carried him off the field. He continued running until he slipped [...]

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Is Your Workplace Safeguarded From Preventable Fall Hazards?

Workplace safety should be something that’s strived for constantly. Part of being a responsible business owner is making sure that your employees and customers are always safe and that your business is free of preventable hazards which could lead to serious accidents and injuries. Even if your workplace already has a safety plan in place, [...]

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Can Prison Inmates File Personal Injury Lawsuits For Slip and Fall Accidents?

A convicted Colombo family mobster has recently made headlines from prison. This time, he’s not the defendant in a criminal trial, but the plaintiff in a civil case stemming from a slip and fall accident that occurred while he was awaiting sentencing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Thomas Gioeli, also known by the [...]

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How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Slip And Fall Lawsuit In Pennsylvania?

If you’ve recently been injured after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, such as a home, business, school, hospital, or anywhere else, you may be wondering about your legal rights. Accidents happen, but sometimes they only happen because of negligence. When a dangerous condition ends up causing an accident with serious injuries, the victims [...]

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