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A Magic Show Turns Dangerous

On November 12, 2013, a British tourist in Las Vegas got the chance of a lifetime to be a part of an illusion by world famous magician David Copperfield. The trick is the iconic final illusion of Copperfield's long-running Las Vegas show where random audience members disappear from the stage and wind up at the [...]

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Sports And Gym Slip And Fall Accidents

One would think that in a world where sweat, water, and obstacles are commonplace that there would be a major problem with slip and fall hazards. But the world of sports and exercise does an excellent job of making sure that most of the professional sports venues and exercise gyms are safe. With so much [...]

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The Slippery Slope Of Premises Liability

What happens when you fall in a public place? There are several levels of responsibility that go along with using public places, and both you and the property owner share in those responsibilities. Before we can judge who is responsible in a slip and fall accident on public property, we have to understand all of [...]

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Restaurant Slip And Fall Accidents

A restaurant is an extremely dynamic place that is constantly full of slip and fall hazards for workers and guests. For the workers, the kitchen and storage areas are havens for grease, cleaning solutions, and water. While restaurants work hard to keep slip and fall hazards out of the restaurant dining room, patrons are still [...]

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Workplace Slip And Fall Dangers: Firefighters

Firefighters assume certain risks when they respond to an emergency call that can make it difficult for them to receive compensation for slip and fall accidents. A firefighter who is at a fire scene that is immersed in bad weather could slip on an aluminum ladder, or they could slip and fall on the ice [...]

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The Dangers In Deliveries

In 2015, 745 truck drivers were killed while working on the job. This statistic includes all types of truck drivers, but it helps to emphasize the dangers delivery drivers face every day. While every company is interested in enhancing worker safety, the average delivery driver faces challenges that make avoiding serious injuries difficult. Concerns with [...]

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Don’t Have A Blue Christmas Due To A Slip And Fall

Christmas allows you to enjoy great food, time with family and friends, shopping and just being in a festive mood. But, Christmas can also bring bad weather. Whether you're dreaming of a white Christmas or a bright sunny day, this is the time to be cautious. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls account [...]

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How Are Slip And Fall Settlements Determined?

A settlement in a slip and fall case is usually not a number made up from thin air. When a lawyer works on a lawsuit settlement, they will usually use the same criteria that the courts would use to put together a personal injury award. There are several types of settlements that can be offered, [...]

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What Happens If I Slip And Fall In Someone’s House?

If you are injured as a result of a slip and fall at a private residence, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the homeowner's insurance policy or pursue legal action to receive compensation for your injuries. The National Floor Safety Institute states that slip and falls account for over one million emergency [...]

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