A Closer Look at Port Richmond, PA

The slip and fall accident lawyers in Port Richmond, PA, at Philly Slip And Fall Guys, would like to share some interesting historical facts about the community.

Port Richmond

Located in the River Wards section of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the neighborhood of Port Richmond. The neighborhood covers two zip codes, 19134 and 19125. The communities that share a border with the town are Olde Richmond, East Kensington, Kensington, Harrowgate, and Bridesburg. The Delaware River flows along the southern edge of the community. Interstate 95 travels across the town, while East Allegheny Avenue, East Westmoreland Street, and East Somerset Street are main roadways also found in the town.


Back in colonial times, most of the land belonged to Anthony Palmer, Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood founder. In 1704, Palmer began putting parcels of land together and named it Hope Farm. In 1729 he sold his estate to William Ball. As glass and textile manufacturing began, the area became known as Balltown.

European immigrants began to flood the area and created a working-class neighborhood. During the American Revolution and World War II, the William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Company provided many of the residents with employment as they manufactured the battleships used during the wars. As many as 18,000 workers helped to keep up with the demands.


The neighborhood is most notably a Polish-American community. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the area saw a spike in immigration. Many Polish settlers came to the area to begin farms. Many of the establishments today reflect this large community’s heritage, such as:

  • Krakus Market
  • Czerw’s Polish Kielbasa
  • Polka Deli
  • Swiacki Meats

The Saint Adalbert Church, built in a Polish Cathedral style, was founded in 1903. The church offered a place for the Polish community to worship. Today the congregation merged with the Nativity B.V.M. Parish. The historical building serves the Our Lady Help of Christians.


The area had a population of approximately 27,554 residents and consisted of about 10,194 households. The racial makeup of the community included the following:

  • 63.7% white
  • 20.7% Hispanic or Latino
  • 13.0% African American
  • 1.5% Asian
  • 1.1% two or more races
  • 0.1% other races

The area has a large Polish community and is becoming more diverse each year. While English is spoken as the main language in 92.3% of the households, 2.9% speak Greek as their first language. Other languages spoken by the neighborhood residents are Italian, Spanish, and Polish. Some commonly found ancestries in the area include:

  • 28.0% Irish
  • 23.8% Polish
  • 19.7% German
  • 16.6% Italian
  • 3.7% Puerto Rican

The median income for the community was $40,000, making it a moderate-income neighborhood. The breakdown of the types of jobs held by the working people in the area include:

  • 46.2% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 25.4% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles
  • 14.7% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 13.7% sales and service jobs

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