A Historical Look at Queens Village, PA

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Queens Village

The residential neighborhood of Queens Village is located in the eastern section of Philadelphia in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. It is south of Center City and shares borders with Society Hill, Pennsport, Dickinson Narrows, and Bella Vista. Closeby neighborhoods include Washington Square, Hawthorne, Old City, and Whitman. The main roadways traveling through the town are South Front Street, Christian Street, South 5th Street, South 4th Street, and South 2nd Street.


The indigenous Lenni Lenape Native Americans inhabited the area initially and called it Wiccaco, meaning Pleasant Place. The first Europeans came into the area and designated it as part of New Sweden. However, the land ownership was contested by the English until it was added to the land granted to William Penn. Penn renamed the area after a district in London called Southwark. During this time in 1700, the  Old Swedes’ Church was built, and as it still is situated at Christian Street and Columbus Boulevard, it is the state’s oldest building.

The neighborhood offered city residents the chance to visit the theaters and was the home to the first playhouse made permanent in 1766, located on South Street. City residents found it necessary to travel outside of the city limits due to Quaker restrictions that forbade theater.

During the 18th and 19th century the area was home to two-thirds of the African American population in the city. It was home to the Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church located at Sixth Street and Lombard Street. The church was founded in 1794 and is one of the oldest African Methodist Episcopal congregations in the nation and is one of the oldest to be owned by African Americans in the United States.

Historical Landmarks

Aside from the two historical structures listed above, the community is home to several more. The Sparks Shot Tower, located on Carpenter Street, is now part of the Shot Tower Recreation Center. The production facility was one of the first in the country as it opened in 1808. It was built by Thomas Sparks, John Bishop, and James Clement and, by the War of 1812, produced munitions for the federal government. The shot tower remained in operation until 1913, after being sold to the United Lead Company of Pennsylvania. They sold the site to the City of Philadelphia, and it now serves the community as a recreation center at a playground.

Another historical landmark is the mid-18th century Nathaniel Irish House, located on South Front Street. The house was built sometime between 1763 and 1769. It is a three and one-half-story brick rowhouse with a steep gable. Inside, the home boasts seven fireplaces and has an attached rear building. Next door is the Capt. Thomas Moore House. This three and one-half-story brick house was built in 1767, believed by the same builder.


The population of the neighborhood was 7,113, which consisted of 3,304 households. The racial makeup of the community included the following:

  • 72.3% white
  • 5.7% Hispanic or Latino
  • 12.5% African American
  • 4.2% Asian
  • 4.0% two or more races
  • 1.3% other races

Of the population, as many as 90.1% were born in the United States. Other countries the residents originated from include:

  • 8.2% Turkey
  • 7.5% Italy
  • 7.3% United Kingdom
  • 6.8% Philippines
  • 6.5% India

The annual median household income was $74,000. The most commonly held occupations for the working residents included:

  • 17.5% management
  • 9.0% healthcare
  • 8.8% education
  • 7.6% administration
  • 7.6% sales
  • 7.4% entertainment

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