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The neighborhood of Hawthorne is situated between South 11th Street and South Broad Street. It is in the southern section of Philadelphia in Philadephia County, Pennsylvania. Some of the closest communities include Midtown Village, Southwest Center City, Passyunk Square, and Little Saigon. It falls in the ZIP code 19147.


The area was initially called Hawthorne Square, located between Lombard and Bainbridge. It was known for its African American nightlife that included:

  • jazz musicians
  • vices
  • rowdy bars

However, the area was also stricken with poverty and street crime. After an effort to revitalize Society Hill and Washington Square West, the community was pushed to the south and west to create its own neighborhood.
The area has seen many renovations, but the original charm has been preserved. Old houses were internally revived, but the exteriors remained unchanged. It is seeing about ten new homes added each year during its current renovation, attracting many new residents.

The historical Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School was converted into condos back in 2011. Other historical landmarks include:

  • The Washington Avenue Historic District – four blocks of historical industrial neighborhoods
  • Bartlett School – also known as the Academy at Palumbo, was built in 1930
  • The High School for the Creative and Performing Arts – formerly the Ridgway Library was built in 1878 and modeled after the Parthenon.


The neighborhood is home to many restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks. Just off of South Street are the following dining options:

  • Sushi and Poke
  • Caribbean Delight
  • Tsaocaa & Sushi Corner
  • Yaa’s Fruitea
  • LaScala’s Pronto

Nearby are many different things to do; some of these include:

  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – located on South Street
  • Hawthorne Cultural Center – located on Carpenter Street
  • Ridgway Pool – located on Carpenter Street
  • Morris Animal Refuge – located on Lombard Street


The neighborhood’s public schools are operated by the School District of Philadelphia. Many of the educational institutes and programs include:

  • Academy at Palumbo, formally known as Barlett School
  • Frank C. Palumbo Junior High School
  • Julia R. Masterman Secondary School
  • Central High School
  • Science Leadership Academy
  • Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP)


The community is home to approximately 6,498 residents. About 13% of the households have children. The median income per household is $81,885.

The average home price is $446,538, and rent averages at $1,448. As many as 53% rent versus 47% that own their own home.

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