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The slip and fall lawyers in Brewerytown, PA, at Philly Slip And Fall Guys invite you to get to know the history of the many breweries that once built up the community.


The neighborhood is located within the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. It lies near the Schuylkill River, and its neighboring communities include Strawberry Mansion, Sharswood, and Franklintown.

Early Development

As early as the 1860s, several minor German brewers and distillation facilities were established in this region. The proximity to the river and neighboring farmland created the perfect environment for these establishments to prosper. As the demands began to increase, so did the development in the town. The community became a thriving German settlement by the early 20th Century. Much of the expansion can be credited to architect Otto Wolf. Wolf oversaw most of the construction, including more than 60 buildings in the neighborhood. His designs brought a distinct German flare to the houses, bars, and breweries within the area. Many of these buildings he designed are still standing in the community, such as the F.A. Poth Brewing and the Bergdoll Brewing complex.

Some of the early breweries included:

  • Bergner & Engel Brewing Company – located on Thompson Street between 32nd and 33rd, east side
  • Charles Eisner Brewery – located on Thompson Street between 32nd and 33rd, west side
  • F. A. Poth Brewing Company – located on 31st & Jefferson Streets, NW corner
  • H. Mueller Centennial Brewery – located on 31st & Jefferson Streets, NE corner
  • J. & P. Baltz Brewing Company – located on 31st & Thompson Streets
  • Arnholt & Schaefer Brewing Company – located on 31st and Thompson Streets, NE corner
  • G. Keller’s Brewery – located on 31st Street, west side, between Jefferson and Master
  • J. Bentz’ Brewery – located on 31st Street, west side, between Jefferson and Master
  • Thomas Perot Brewery – located on 31st and Master Streets, NW corner

20th Century

As many as 700 breweries were established across the greater area. However, when the local industry collapsed in the late 20th Century, beer production moved to the Midwest. Finally, by 1987, few breweries were remaining in the community. As of 2016, the last active brewery in the neighborhood is Crime & Punishment Brewing, established in 2015.

The greater area was hit hard by economic depressions in the late 20th Century. In 1991, the Brewerytown Historic District was recognized as a historical place. It contains 380 buildings, including the Hatfield House built in 1760. The district is situated within Cecil B Moore Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, 25th Street, and North 33rd Street.


English is predominantly spoken by the town’s residents, followed by Spanish. The most commonly found ancestries within the community include:

  • Sub-Saharan African (7.9%)
  • Italian (6.7%)
  • Irish (6.3%)
  • German (3.4%)
  • Polish (2.7%)
  • Armenian (0.6%)

The households within the neighborhood are mainly middle-income. However, as many as 46.8% of the children live below the federal poverty line. Many of the employed residents work in occupations such as:

  • 56.0% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 23.1% sales and service jobs
  • 12.2% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 11.1% government jobs

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