Getting to Know Germantown, PA

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The neighborhood of Germantown is located in the northwest section of Philadelphia. Within the community are the neighborhoods Morton, Blue Bell Hill, and Penn-Knox. East Falls is to the west of the town, along with Abbotsford Homes and Alden Park Manor. The main roadways within the community are West School House Lane, Wayne Avenue, Germantown Avenue, and West Coulter Street.


Several families founded the historic town in 1683 as a borough. The families included German, Mennonite, and Quaker families. The borough was dissolved as the area merged into the city of Philadelphia in 1854.

The town played an important part as the birthplace of the American anti-slavery movement. The following men wrote a two-page letter of condemnation of slavery:

  • Pastorius
  • Gerret Hendericks
  • Derick Updegraeff
  • Abraham Opdengraef
  • Thones Kunders

These Quaker men sent the letter to the head of the Society of Friends. The 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery encouraged the Quakers to ban slavery within the Society of Friends in 1776 and ban it within the state in 1780.

While a United States President, George Washington, along with his family, would stay at the Deshler-Morris House to get away from the city and the yellow fever epidemic that plagued the area in 1793. During his administration, the first bank of the United States was also within the community.

Historical Landmarks

The Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, located on West Tulpehocken Street, was built in 1859 by a wealthy cloth merchant, Ebenezer Maxwell. The mansion has four stone chimneys, a cast-iron sidewalk, and three porches. Joseph C. Hoxie and Samuel Sloan can be credited with its architectural design.

The area is home to several more historical places, houses, and buildings. Some of the historical houses located along Germantown Avenue include:

  • Loudoun Mansion
  • Grumblethorpe
  • Howell House
  • Wyck House
  • Deshler-Morris House

Some of the historic churches include:

  • Original Wakefield Presbyterian Church
  • Market Square Presbyterian Church
  • Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse
  • St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
  • The Methodist Episcopal Church of the Advocate


The population for the zip code 19144 was 40,613, which consisted of 16,882 households. The racial makeup of the area was the following in 2010:

  • 15% white
  • 3% Hispanic or Latino
  • 77% African American
  • 2% Asian
  • 2.7% two or more races
  • 0.8% other races

The median income for the community was $28,000. The most common occupations held by the employed residents included the following:

  • 12.4% administration
  • 9.9% education
  • 8.5% management
  • 7.7% sales
  • 6.8% food service
  • 6.6% healthcare support

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