Matthias Baldwin Park in Philadelphia

Matthias Baldwin Park

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This article is presented to you by the slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia from Philly Slip and Fall Guys. Philadelphia is home to tons of historically rich parks that date back to the 17th century, but they also continue to grow with newer additions such as Matthias Baldwin Park.


A hidden gem in Philly, Matthias Baldwin Park is located in the heart of Center City and is surrounded by a gorgeous blanket of trees, protecting the oasis as a little getaway for those who know about it.

The park opened in 1991 with two-acres of landscape and was designed by landscape artist Athena Tacha. It showcased a variety of veranda’s placed all over the park surrounded by shrubs, grass, and perennials. A paved loop way was also added to give guests a path to explore through the park.

Explore The Park

In 2007, a dedicated group of individuals came together and created Friends of Matthias Balwin Park, an association in charge of the park’s upkeep and maintenance for others to enjoy. Since then, the group has expanded to over 60 members who assist in planning and hosting special events in the park.

Depending on the time of year you visit, we recommend attending Parks on Tap, a traveling beer garden that donates a percentage of sales back to the park. During the holiday season, the park hosts tons of events from Halloween parades to Christmas light shows.

The Park remains a favorite amongst local families, dog walkers, college students, residents, and visitors alike. Please don’t pass up on the gem when visiting Philly; it will not disappoint.

If you’re interested in more outdoor activities, check out Philly’s beautiful Spring Garden.

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