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Dilworth Park

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In September 2014, Dilworth Park opened and was named after Richardson Dilworth, the mayor of the city, from 1956 to 1962. If we go back a few hundred years to 1682, the park’s location was originally named Centre Square but none other than William Penn.

Located in the heart of Philly, right next to Philadelphia’s City Hall, the park was designed as a place for residents to come together as a community.

Today, if you choose to stop by Dilworth Park, you’ll be welcomed with tons of informational guides, graphics, and animations all about the history of the park and how it’s made its mark in Philadelphia.

About The Park

Visitors will find an assortment of activities and attractions to explore when visiting the park. There are limitless things to do with roughly 120,000 square feet of landscape, such as grass lawns to sprawl out or have a picnic, their iconic electric display fountain, a seasonal ice-skating rink, restaurants, and a cafe.

The park has a variety of paved pathways that go throughout the park and make for a beautiful stroll through greenery and trees. The iconic fountain, briefly mentioned above, extends over 11,000 square feet and features an interactive and immersive water dance experience.

Visitors will enjoy many exciting events throughout the summer, such as outdoor fitness activities, live entertainment, or even free films on the lawn.

Lastly, make sure you bring yourself over for a bite to eat at either their cafe that serves a variety of deli sandwiches and salads or a more extensive list of menu items at their Air Grille restaurant.

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