The Philadelphia Zoo

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This article is brought to you by the slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, who encourage friends and family to get out and explore their local zoo for fun-filled, exciting entertainment everyone will love.

The Philadelphia Zoo was the first zoo in America to open to the public on July 1, 1874, like many other Philadelphia landmarks and monuments. It is home to almost 1,300 species, many uncommon and endangered, and serves as the leading family destination in the area.

Visiting The Zoo

Guests will have the ability to interact with many species of animals and environments worldwide, with a 42-acre campus complete with a display of animal habitats.

With each and every exhibit, you will get an up-close and personal experience, getting steps away from captivating wildlife. The exhibits are divided into various categories to explore, such as African Plains, Bear Country, Big Cat Falls, Bird Valley, Outback Post, and many others.

Every exhibit is customized to the needs of each species and offers visitors a 360-degree view of see-through mesh trails for wildlife discovery to allow more room for animals to wander around the zoo.

By offering more options for long-distance travel and increasing ecological sustainability, this innovative exhibit benefits animals. tIt also increases the ability to analyze their own interactions while at the same time, transforming the experience that guests will have by providing a more engaging and interactive encounter.

With the numerous rides and attractions all over the park, this zoo does not hold back on its sense of adventure. There’s plenty of fun entertainment for everyone in the family, from carousels, trains, rope courses, and tons of other activities.

At every step, the Philadelphia Zoo is enriched with educational opportunities, a wide variety of interesting species to explore, and exploration for everyone to appreciate.

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