What To Do if You Trip at a Private or Public Establishment

Tripping accidents can happen in various public or private establishments, including shopping malls, parking lots, and private businesses. They may cause serious injuries and lead to expensive medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Working with a trip and fall lawyer allows you to seek maximum compensation for your damages following your accident. Here are several steps to follow if you trip and fall in a private or public establishment:

Report the Incident 

If you are able to, report the incident to someone on the premises after your fall. Attempt to speak with the property owner or manager of the establishment. Ask to fill out an incident report, being careful not to sign any waivers that may be on the form. After completing the form, request a copy and ask for the person’s name and contact information. This can serve as valuable documentation and evidence for your case.¬†

Document the Scene

Identify what caused your fall, whether it was a lack of a handrail on a stairway or a pothole in a parking lot. Take pictures of the scene, making sure to get a good image of what caused your fall and the surrounding areas. This can serve as evidence that proper precautions were not in place and may prove the property owner’s negligence.

Write down what happened before and after your fall to help you clearly recall the events that led to the accident. If there were any witnesses to your trip, see if they are willing to give you their contact information. This information and evidence can be valuable in securing the maximum compensation amount possible.

Get Medical Attention

Getting medical attention after tripping and falling is good practice, even if you feel like you aren’t hurt. Some symptoms may not appear immediately or might take time to develop, such as brain injuries or internal bleeding. Going to the hospital or seeing your doctor is typically the best choice for your well-being and can help rule out these possibilities.

Failing to seek medical attention can also be detrimental to your legal case. The insurance company may try to argue that your injuries are not a direct result of the fall or that they are less severe than claimed. As a medical provider completes an evaluation of your health status, they will document their findings, the recommended treatment, and their professional opinion on the severity of your injuries. This documentation helps support your claim and provides proof that your injuries were sustained at the time of the fall.

Contact a Trip and Fall Lawyer

Our team is experienced with trip and fall cases and the premises liability law. Premises liability law in Pennsylvania outlines property owners’ legal responsibility to maintain their properties and address hazards that can harm visitors. These rules apply to private and public establishments.

A trip and fall lawyer can collect evidence and determine whether the property owner is liable for your injuries. If we believe the property owner is liable, we will fight for maximum compensation for your damages. This includes compensation for injuries, lost wages due to your inability to work, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. We also help negotiate a fair settlement with the property owner’s insurance company. If a fair settlement isn’t reached, we can represent your case in court.

Pursue Compensation With the Philly Slip and Fall Guys

Following these steps allows you to protect your rights and increases the likelihood of obtaining compensation for your injuries. At Philly Slip and Fall Guys, our trip and fall lawyers can fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. Our practice areas include trip and fall accidents in shopping malls and parking lots, along with trips and falls that occur in potholes or on staircases. Contact us today to receive a free legal consultation.