The Role of Escalators and Elevators in Trip and Fall Accidents

Escalators and elevators both might provide opportunities for trip and fall accidents. If the accident was due to the property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you sustained from your fall. Hire a reputable trip and fall lawyer at Philly Slip and Fall Guys to help you navigate the process of obtaining reparations.


Navigating escalators can be challenging, particularly for individuals with balance issues. Users must be able to quickly move on and off the moving escalator without falling. If there are wet surfaces or the lighting around the escalator is not adequate, users may slip or fall. An accident may also occur if the escalator stops unexpectedly, jolting the users. Elevator accidents may result in broken bones, strained muscles, and cuts or scrapes. 


Elevators can cause accidents by having defective doors or misleveling. If the elevator doors do not work properly, they will close quickly as individuals are trying to enter. The doors may also not close all the way after they start moving. This is a hazard that can result in people catching clothing or body parts on the open doors as they move between floors. Misleveling occurs when the elevator door does not align properly with the floor, potentially causing users to trip. A malfunction may cause the elevator to fall a few feet, knocking the people inside off balance. 

What To Do in the Event of a Trip and Fall Accident

If you or a family member have sustained an injury from tripping on an elevator or escalator, contact a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. Lawyers will evaluate your case and help you take the appropriate steps to obtain compensation. They will look at the evidence and the property to determine if the owner was negligent in upholding the safety of their equipment. If the owner could have fixed an issue but chose not to, they can be held liable for your injury.

Obtain your medical records as quickly as you can after an injury. Your lawyer will use these when calculating appropriate compensation for insurance claims. You can also take pictures of the accident site to document any poor lighting, hazardous pathways, or malfunctioning equipment. All of these elements may contribute to your compensation. If you are unable to reach a suitable settlement with the insurance company, your lawyer will help you take your case to court. Lawyers are familiar with court procedures and will guide you on the necessary steps. 

Enlist the Services of a Trip and Fall Lawyer

Contact a lawyer if you or your loved one struggle to determine who was at fault for an escalator or elevator accident. The experienced team at Philly Slip and Fall Guys will evaluate your elevator or escalator accident. If you are eligible, we will help you receive compensation for your injuries. We’ll help evaluate all details of your case, including witness statements and other related documentation. Contact our team today to get started with our services.