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Slip and Fall Checklist

Having served thousands of clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents, we have seen it all. As a result, our slip and fall lawyers put together this robust checklist for you to familiarize yourself with. This information could very well preserve your case and ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Do Not Leave The Slip And Fall Accident Scene Without…

Many clients in the past left the scene without documenting or preserving the evidence. Luckily for some their injuries were not too bad as to require immediate medical treatment and assistance. However, latent injuries may come back later, so no matter how minor you consider your slip and fall accident to be, DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE without checking off some of the following:


  • Capture the condition of the floor surface as soon as you can after your fall. This evidence will be crucial in your case.
  • Also take photographs of your clothing and footwear. This will help identify whether there was partial blame on your part or not.
  • If there are any rugs, mats or non-slip pads in the location, make sure to photograph those. Check also to see places where you would expect such non-slip protection, and if it is lacking there, make sure to also capture that.
  • Take photos of any and all warning signs that are visible on the premises, irrespective of the subject matter of the warning.
  • Take photographs of your injuries as soon as you can after the incident occurs.
  • Finally, take any other photo you think may be useful in proving causation, negligence, omissions etc… Our slip and fall attorneys will review it and determine its relevance to the case.


  • Record the name, phone number and contact information of anyone that saw what happened, or were in the store and accident location prior to or immediately after the incident occurred.
  • Return to the scene of the accident several days later and ask questions of those who live nearby, or anyone else in the store to uncover more potential witnesses. Try revisiting the scene several times at the same time. that the incident occurred. Sometimes people frequent a place around a specific time frame.
  • Once you have contact information from a witness, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM or ATTEMPT TO GET WRITTEN STATEMENTS. Let our skilled slip and fall attorneys do that work for you.


  • Save the footwear that you wore when the accident occurred. Place the shoes in a plastic bag and preserve any materials that stick to the shoe from the accident.
  • Preserve the clothing you wore during the accident. Do not wash them or destroy any material evidence.
  • If the incident was documented by somebody at the store, do not leave without getting a copy of the report.
  • If the item or substance that you slipped on is not perishable, it is important to take a sample with you and save it.
  • If the item is perishable try and save it in some liquid preservatives.

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