6 Celebrity Slip & Falls On The Red Carpet

Slips and falls happen to everyone, however, some instances are quite embarrassing such as the celebrity kind when they are walking the red carpet, in front of fans, photographers, and many other stars. While some celebrities can manage to make a stumble look cool, others are less talented when it comes to bouncing back after a fall. Here are several celebrity red carpet slip and falls.

Memorable Red Carpet Falls

1. Adrien Brody

During the 2003 Met Gala with Nicole Kidman and his mother, Adrien too had some difficulty staying on his feet. As much as celebrities falling on the red carpet go, this happening might have been impressive. Adrien while aiding his mother from falling, slipped, and almost took down Kidman as well; however, the artist managed to pass up the fall.

2. Naomi Watts

The Australian actress was walking down the runway to accept the best cast gong for Birdman during the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Watts tripped on co-celeb Emma Stone’s train. Wearing a well-fitting Balenciaga gown, Watts managed to regain her balance from falling with a little aid from Edward Norton.

3. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne a supermodel and fashion muse tumbled at the 2014 GQ Man of the Year Awards in London. While Cara is no stranger to red carpet falls, this time around she got a little help in getting up from Scottish fashion designer Jonathan Saunders. Cara kept her cool during the event at the Royal Opera House and went on partying once she got to her feet.

4. Emma Thompson

British actress Emma Thompson fell to the floor after she was requested to leave her hand prints in cement at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater. After lying down for a while on the red carpet and smiling, she rose to her feet and dismissed it off. After all, there were only about 200 celebrities who were requested to leave hand imprints at the Chinese Theater, whereas Hollywood’s Walk of Fame graces more than 2,000 stars.

5. Courtney Love

While tripping because of long dresses and high heels is what contributes to most red carpet celebrity falls, in Courtney’s case it was intoxication. Getting high may not have been a good idea for the songster and actress prior to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1995. Courtney stumbled at least twice on the red carpet and had to get some assistance to get up.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

The “Hunger Games” superstar gracefully fell prior to accepting the prize for Best Actress for her work in “Silver Linings Playbook” during the 2013 Oscars. The upset celebrity admitted that it was a bit embarrassing.


Hey, Falls Happen

Whether you are a celebrity or not if you sustain an injury in a slip and fall incident whether it is your fault or not discuss your case with a qualified lawyer. Try to do so quickly because there are time limits in which an injured party may file a personal injury case.