Common Injuries From Slip And Falls

There is nothing more embarrassing or painful than slipping and falling in a public place. Many people quickly stand up and keep moving, so that they minimize the attention they will garner. However, some people slip and fall and are unable to stand back up due to serious injury. There are many injuries that can occur from what is perceived to be a simple slip and fall.

Injuries You Didn’t Bargain For

  • Back injury. The most common injury that happens during a slip and fall is an injury to the back. It is likely that the person who is falling will try to break their fall and twist their back. This is a serious injury and should immediately be addressed by a doctor.
  • Neck injury. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body and twisting it or jarring it can cause serious pain and injury. You should not attempt to stand up if you believe that you have injured your neck.
  • Broken leg. If you have slipped in something wet then your feet may have upended you. You may have broken a bone in your leg if you landed on something or if you simply landed on the floor the wrong way. Never attempt to stand up right away if you think you could have broken your leg.
  • Broken arm or sprained arm. One of the first instincts we have when we are falling is to try and break our own fall. When we slip unexpectedly we are known to throw our arms up to brace ourselves. Doing this can leave you with a broken arm or a shoulder injury. If you are the victim of a slip and fall and you think you have injured your arm or shoulder, immediately see a doctor.
  • Wrist injury. When trying to break our fall we can injure our wrists. You may not even realize it right away that you have twisted your wrist or that you have injured it in some way. When you realize that you have done so, see a doctor for a diagnosis.

You Weren’t Being Clumsy

Public businesses have a responsibility to their patrons to provide a safe environment. There should be aisles that are free of wet spills and obstacles that you can trip over. It is very important, when you slip and fall in a business, that you immediately ask for a manager and file an accident report. This is information that you may ultimately need in order to have your medical bills taken care of.