Compensation After a Slip and Fall in a Hotel

Vacations are usually fun. It is a time to move away from the routine pressure of life, visit new and exciting sites or relax by the pool at a hotel. You usually expect to be safe when enjoying a hotel, whether you are there for business or even pleasure. Unfortunately, a slip and fall accident may happen any time anywhere in a luxury establishment. After suffering a severe injury from the falling, you may incur substantial medical bills, and you may lose wages if you are unable to work due to the injury. Depending on the circumstances that resulted in the injury, you may get compensated.

Proving Responsibility of the Hotel

For a resort to be found liable for your Slip and Fall injury, you should be able to prove negligence or carelessness on their part. The vital part a slip and fall attorney will want to ascertain is whether the management was aware of the hazard and had the chance to correct it before your accident. For example, if you slipped on a wet tile just immediately after rainfall, the resort may not be liable since they did not have enough opportunity to dry the floor after the rain. However, if the floor was slippery several hours after the rain, the hotel may be liable due to their negligence. Lawyers also want to determine how much control the hotel had over the accident. A lotion split on the floor by another guest could mean that the establishment is not liable unless the lotion had been on the floor for quite a significant duration.

Major Causes of Hotel Slip And Falls

A slip and fall can occur in any area of hotels and restaurants. Some activities offered at some resorts can lead to the accident. These activities include skiing, diving, and other sports. You should know that there is no hard rule to what amounts to negligence in a slip and fall case. However, the facts in every case will determine whether the establishment was negligent. The following circumstances amount to clear negligence on the part of the establishment, and hence you deserve compensation.

  • Leaving a slippery matter on the floor for a long duration
  • Use of improper washing materials which makes walkways too slippery
  • Failure to address existing tripping hazards
  • Negligent maintenance of carpet
  • Negligence when placing mats in foul weather
  • Use of improper mats in harsh weather
  • Water accumulation resulting from known roofing and plumbing issues
  • Poor floor traction in high-traffic areas
  • Failure to repair broken concrete on walkways and sidewalks

A slip and fall can cause significant injuries ranging from broken bones to head injuries. Hotels, resorts, bars and restaurant owners usually are one of the defendants who are liable in such an accident case. Other parties which may be responsible include maintenance companies or contractors. Proper investigation is crucial in ensuring full recovery in a slip and fall accident case.


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Immediately After A Fall

Immediately after you are injured in a slip and fall accident at a hotel; it is crucial you document what happened. Take explicit photos of what triggered the fall and the area around the scene. Speak to witnesses of the fall and get their contact information. Make sure that you note the names of the employees who assisted you. Keep documentation of any first aid you may have received from the employees. Look for any warning signs on the accident scene and note if any were absent. Ensure that you take photos of the missing signs on the spot. Ask to write an official accident report with the hotel even if you take your injuries as minor. Injuries may turn to be more severe than you thought since adrenaline can minimize the pain from an injury. You may fail to realize that it was serious until hours or days later.

If you or a loved one get injured in a slip and fall accident in a hotel, contact lawyers who specialize in this field immediately. They will determine if you are eligible for compensation and some even offer free legal representation awaiting judgment.