Don’t Let Slip and Falls Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is intended to be scary. From ghoulish costumes for trick-or-treating to haunted houses, the entire idea behind this holiday is to scare or to be scared. That being said, Halloween was never meant to be a day of accidents. Yet, this holiday seems to have the highest record of slip, trip, and fall accidents. Whether you are inviting friends over to your home and serving candy or going out to take kids trick-or-treating, it is important to be aware of all hazards related to Halloween and take necessary safety precautions to avoid any serious incident on this notoriously unsafe day.

Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents Occurring on Halloween

Slip, trip and fall risks are everywhere, every day. However, on Halloween, the hazards associated with these incidences increase drastically due to some unsafe conditions— which can be easily avoided with due diligence.

Slip, trip and fall incidence can cause severe injuries. One moment you are enjoying the day, the next you’re lying flat on your back in pain with a broken bone or a concussion. These types of incidences can throw off more than your excitement. They can interfere with your schedule, hurt your career and your body as well as cost you a lot of money. Due to the natural tendency of children to play around without paying much attention to the hazards that surround them, they are a higher risk of suffering from slip, trip and fall injuries than adults.

Any time you invite trick-or-treaters to enter your property, or you take a group of children to collect candy; you have a responsibility to keep everyone safe — children and adult alike. If they slip or trip and fall in your yard or at your house, you can be held responsible for any injury they sustain. Below is a highlight of a few tips on things you can do to help avoid such accidents.

Tips For Avoiding Injuries and Accidents On Halloween

Always See and Be Seen

Costumes can be a major tripping hazard. Be sure that a child’s costume does not drag on the ground or get caught underfoot. Always buy your child bright costumes or add a glow stick that makes it easier to be seen in the dark.

Stay Off The Lawns

Do not walk across, or allow your child to walk across the neighbors’ lawns. They may have decorations, cords or wires, or even holes and rocks that can cause trip and fall accidents.

Keep Your Home and Its Surrounding Well Lit

Keep your home, lawn, and the surrounding area well lit. Most accidents during Halloween occurs in a dark area. Whether a child or an adult trip over stairs, sidewalks, lawns, etc., the homeowner is liable if the interior or exterior have hazardous conditions. You may avoid any potential issue by ensuring your place as well-lit as possible.

Remove Any Potential Tripping Hazards

Remove any decorating objects that can cause a child or an adult to trip and fall. For instance, all cables or wires running across the pathways should be removed.


October weather can be unpredictable and on occasion cold enough to bring a frost or even a little ice to your driveway, stairs, lawn, and pathways. If needed, ensure that you salt all potentially icy areas so that no one slips while walking to or from your house.

Halloween Safety Tips

By taking necessary precautions, homeowners can ensure the safety of trick-or-treaters and avoid any potential premises liability claims.

  • Remember that keeping your interior or exterior well-lit is a good sign that children are welcome to trick-or-treat at your house.
  • Sidewalks and all steps that have cracks or are damaged should be repaired before the holiday. If they are not repaired in time, barricade them and mark them as dangerous.
  • Power cords and decorations should not pass across stairs, driveways, lawns, or sidewalks.
  • Costumed children and new or large groups of people can often startle pets, so keep your dogs and other pets in a safe area where they will be calm and comfortable.
  • Turn off lights if you plan to be out of the house or if you’re not handing out candy.

Nobody starts off a Halloween morning thinking they’ll trip, fall and sustain an injury or cause another to endure one. Take the appropriate measures and enjoy your day. However, if an unfortunate incident occurs, contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to assist you.

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