Slip And Fall Against The City Of Philadelphia

Have you ever walked down the sidewalk in your neighborhood and you’ve noticed things like uneven stones, cracks, holes and maybe even roots and bushes growing up through the sidewalk. If you are actively looking for these things you can often avoid them, but not necessarily. After all, you expect the ground under your feet to be solid and smooth, so why would you be looking for it not to be? Well, what happens when you slip and trip on these sidewalks?

The Case Against Philadelphia

A woman was walking down the sidewalk in Philadelphia when she (unknowingly) came across an area that was not
in good repair. As she continued to walk, she was tripped by the uneven portion of the sidewalk in front of her. The trip caused her to fall and resulted in a range of injuries throughout her body including injury to her right foot and ankle, both knees, neck, and back. These injuries required her to seek medical care including physical therapy and, as claimed by the plaintiff, were caused by the City.

In a settlement agreement, the City is said to have agreed to pay $3,000 of the $4,000 originally requested by the plaintiff. This amount, however, was never actually paid and the plaintiff is now seeking additional damages as a result of the settlement not being followed through with by the City of Philadelphia. The case will now consider whether the City, in fact, agreed to a settlement and is, therefore, responsible for paying off the settlement. For more information on this case, you can read it here.

What Happens For You

If you are injured in a slip and fall because the City has not kept their sidewalks in good repair then you are entitled to damages which could include:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Physical Therapy
  • And more

The important thing is to talk with an attorney right away so you know what your next steps should be. We will help you understand what happens next and how you can make sure you don’t lose out on what you deserve. No one should be allowed to neglect their duties and allow an innocent person to get hurt in the process. The right attorney and the right follow-through will ensure that anyone who is injured in a slip and fall gets what they deserve.

The City At Fault

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of sidewalks are not even at all and yet it’s the job of the city to make sure that they
are. If you get injured walking down a city sidewalk it’s actually their fault for allowing their sidewalks to become so damaged that they pose a risk to you and all other citizens or visitors that happen to walk down them. No one should have to worry about getting hurt walking down the sidewalk and yet it’s the reality for a number of people. So what should you do about it? Well, if you are injured walking down the sidewalk you should make sure the city is making things right, click here for Philadelphia City information. Don’t let them get away with your pain and suffering.