Potholes Trip And Fall

can sometimes pop up out of nowhere but they really seem to pop up following periods where there has been a lot of rainfall and following winter as snow and ice begin to melt. They are also prevalent following extreme fluctuating changes in temperature. Extreme heat and extreme cold can also lead to potholes.

Potholes can be deadly for motorists and pedestrians. They also have the ability to damage a vehicle’s tires and alignment. A pothole that pops up out of nowhere in a parking lot can lead to a trip and fall causing severe injury, including permanent disability type injuries and even death.

This is why it’s extremely important for property owners to exhibit vigilance with their property. Keeping their customers and patrons safe should be a top priority of every business owner.

Causes of Pothole Trips and Falls

  • Failure to identify the pot hole hazard with a warning sign to warn customers.
  • Failure to fix a pothole in a parking lot.
  • Poor lighting in a parking lot.

Prevention Of Pothole Trips and Falls

Because potholes can pop up out of nowhere sometimes it’s important to remain vigilant at all times. Business owners want to be particularly vigilant following extreme weather changes; extreme changes in temperature and following periods of snow, ice, and rain.

In areas of the country where extreme snow is the norm, as winter draws to an end and the snow begins to melt, pot holes begin to appear everywhere putting cities, towns, and business owners to work on repairing these holes right away. And also putting them at risk for liability issues and lawsuits.

Serious Injury Resulting From Pothole Trip and Falls

These types of falls can lead to serious debilitating injuries and can be fatal. Injuries due to pothole trips and falls include traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, soft tissue damage, disc injuries, neck injuries, and more.

Take the 2011 case involving a disabled college student of Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, Carla Redding, who fell because of a pothole next to her handicapped parking space, which then resulted in serious injury.

The student already suffered from a congenital bone growth disorder, which impaired her mobility. Carla filed a $375,599 lawsuit against the college for failing to maintain the parking lot and failing to warn students of the pot hole.

Fatalities are commonly caused due to head injuries and spinal injuries, and commonly occur with the elderly. However, anyone that trips and falls resulting in a traumatic brain injury is at risk of death. This is a very serious matter and precautions should be taken to avoid pot hole trip and fall cases.

They are avoidable with vigilance and proper maintenance. Any business owner or property owner who deliberately ignores a pot hole problem should be held liable in the event of an injury or death due to a pot hole fall.

Identifying The Liable Party

The liable party could be a business owner, property owner, city or town. If you’ve been seriously injured due to a pothole trip and fall, an experienced personal injury attorney will help you to determine who should be held liable in your particular case.

Speak with a qualified attorney who focuses on slip and trip cases as soon as possible to ensure a timely settlement. A personal injury attorney will fight on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve and to make sure the responsible party takes responsibility for failing to maintain their property.