Restaurant Slip And Fall Settlements – Examples & Legal Facts

It is a common thing to see or hear about people being injured from slip and fall incidents in the U.S. In fact, these injuries can happen to anybody, just about anywhere.

Victims suffer from injuries like small bruises, broken bones, and, in some severe incidents, even paralysis.  We previously wrote about slip & fall hazards in restaurants and now we take a look at accidents that have happened in restaurants and the settlements which were offered to victims.

Restaurant Slip And Fall Settlements

  • Judd Daniel received a huge compensation of $1M after losing his foothold on a slippery floor in a Steam Plant restaurant that lacked a slippery-floor warning post. The defendant restaurant became liable for not putting a warning post even though some liquid lingered on the floor after mopping which made it quite slippery. The accident led to Daniel’s arm sustaining several fractures in addition to suffering a disorder that, in effect, made his skeleton vulnerable to fractures and breaks.
  • In another slip and fall case, on September 27, 2010, Edwin and Mildred were awarded $4.8M from the Starbucks Corporation by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen Cluzeger. The case against Starbucks had been in court since September 15 of the same year. In this case, while the court proceedings may not have been extensive, the pre-trial process lasted for months after the initial claim was presented.
  • A woman fractured her spine because of a slip and fall accident at a McDonald’s in Maui. Beverly Munguia, age 57, was awarded a substantial $5.6M settlement to be paid by the multi-national fast-food corporation. After her fall, Munguia suffered a permanent curve in her lower back, which led her to use a wheelchair permanently. Per the victim’s testimony, she slipped on spilled food which the restaurant’s employees had failed to properly and timely clean.

Why Hire A Lawyer For A Restaurant Slip & Fall Lawsuit

The above examples of successful restaurant slip and fall settlements can make it seem like it’s easy enough to win huge amounts of compensation from restaurant owners. However, it’s important to highlight that the injuries suffered by the victims in each of those cases were substantial, severe, and ultimately life-changing. The awarded financial compensation may help improve their situation for the remainder of their lives, but it simply cannot undo the damage that has been done and which was found to have been a product of negligence, if only partially.

According to tort law, you are entitled to compensation from an individual if you can prove that their carelessness caused you injury or harm. Additionally, you may opt to settle the case out of court. Either way, you are required to give clear evidence of how the accused caused your injuries or accidents.

Collecting evidence and then using it to prove your case can be extremely difficult, even when you’re right in your claim. It is thus important to secure legal help when thinking about pursuing a settlement for a restaurant slip and fall.

Slip And Fall Settlements in Philly: The 2 Different Types

If you are a victim of a slip and fall incident in a restaurant, you may choose between a structured settlement and an out-of-court settlement.

In a structured settlement, the injured victim is awarded settlement via a court order. Conversely, in an out-of-court settlement (a negotiated settlement), the defendant’s insurance company agrees on a monetary award to compensate the injured victim. However, even if you choose a negotiated settlement, you can still benefit heavily from having a legal representative who can negotiate the reduced compensation amount that the defendant’s insurance company is likely to offer in the beginning stages.  Indeed, a legal representative will make it their mission to fight for the maximum amount of compensation given the circumstances of your claim.

In the city of Philly, restaurant slip and fall settlements can take many damages into account. However, the most common types of damages awarded in these restaurant slip and fall settlements are current and future medical costs, physical and emotional pain, loss of enjoyment of life and consortium, and even lost income (future/potential.)