The Best Restaurants in South Philly

This recap on some of the best food options is presented by the South Philly personal injury attorneys of PhillySlipAndFallGuys.

South Philly’s large immigrant population has contributed in a substantial way to the large mixture of tastes that are offered throughout the region. While we’d need much more than a single post to cover all of the top places to visit, we’ll be sharing our team’s top picks below. If you’re only in South Philly for a short amount of time, the following are the spots you most definitely cannot miss.

Chickie’s & Pete’s – 1526 Packer Avenue

Chickie’s Pete’s is a staple bar/restaurant venue with many locations throughout the County of Philadelphia. And while it’s an icon in the modern day, it wasn’t always this way.

Chickie’s & Pete’s got its start in ’77, when the Ciarrocchi family opened a taproom in the north area of the city. When Peter Ciarrocchi passed away in 1987, his son (“Pete”) and wife (“Chickie”) chose to continue the legacy. Pete was encouraged by his mother to run the locale at his own discretion, at which point he began experimenting with the mainstay fare that had been served for over a decade.

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It seems as if Pete truly understood what the South Philly natives wanted, but most importantly, his charisma, personality, and newly-conceived food options were enough to bring in the crowds on Sunday to dine, drink, and celebrate the culture of Philadelphia.

Tony Luke’s – 39 E Oregon Avenue

Tony Luke’s is a classic Philly staple serving up many traditional plates but most importantly, and what it’s most widely recognized for, is cheesesteaks. In the present day, the chain boasts more than 15 locations but it all started right here in Philly at the Oregon Ave venue. After its initial success, the business grew to include several locations in the Philadelphia area and even a line of frozen sandwiches. Through a special partnership with Rastelli Foods Group, the business now has several franchised locations as far away as Bahrain.

Much more than the run-of-the-mill Philadelphia cheesesteak joint, Tony Luke’s reestablished the Philly sandwich’s claim to fame by serving up top choices like the roast pork Italian and chicken cutlet. Ironically enough, the cheesesteak was not even on the menu in the beginning, but the city’s love for cheesesteaks incited the Luke’s to make their very own version which has remained a blockbuster since its introduction to the menu in the ’90s.

tony Luke’s is well-known not only to locals but also around the world. This came as a result of the cheesesteak shop’s cameos on various TV shows such as Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay, Man v. Food, and Food wars.

Penrose Diner – 2016 Penrose Avenue

The Penrose Diner offers classic, perfectly made versions of South Philly’s favorite diner dishes, alongside innovative specials that really are special. Most remarkably, the Penrose Diner is able to accomplish this seemingly simple task in a clean and welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, their more-than-fair prices, excellent service and high quality ingredients, coupled with their in-house bakery and 24/7 service on weekends, this iconic Diner possess more than just a couple of aspects that have made it an award-winning staple of South Philly for multiple consecutive years.

Geno’s Steaks

Specializing in cheesesteaks since its founding in 1966 by Joey Vento, Geno’s offerings have become a signature dish for all who have the fortune of visiting South Philly. It’d be hard to call ourselves true South Philadelphians if we didn’t include it here. You’ve probably already heard about Geno’s, so we’ll just recommend it once more. If you’re in the city, you simply can’t let this one pass you by!

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