Winter Slip and Fall Safety Tips

It’s the holiday season and winter has officially showed it’s not so pretty face, especially in the East. Weather you are from New York or California, being threatened with a blizzard or something as simple as extreme cold. Since this could be just a little glimpse of what’s to come, we need to stay constantly aware of safety issues that can quickly arise. This time of year everyone will be out shopping and looking for the best holiday bargains without added thought for safety and weather.

Be Alert: Safety Tips

Here is a list of ideas to help you avoid those unexpected winter related slip and falls.

  • Give yourself plenty of time when you go out

Being in a hurry is one of the top reasons accidents happen. When people rush they tend to overlook warning signs of potential accidents.

  • Walk at a slower ¬†pace and plant your feet firmly on the ground

If the ground is wet or slippery a slower pace will help you keep balance. By planting your feet firmly onto the ground this will assist in giving you the footing you need to stay standing.

  • Use railing and keep a free hand

Using railing can help prevent any falls while going up or down stairs or walking through crowed areas. Keeping a free hand can also assist if a fall is inevitable. You could use your free hand to help you with the landing.

The Don’t Fall Basics You Need To Know

The basics can be used for outdoor awareness:

  • Don’t carry too much at one time
  • Look for and avoid spills on the floor or down the isles
  • Look for and avoid black ice and frozen wet spots outside
  • Dust off and wipe your feet well when entering a building from a snowy or wet area
  • Walk carefully
  • Always be on the look out for any potential dangers ( for more shopping hazard tips especially, check out our previous article¬†here)

Being prepared is the very first step in making this holiday season a safe and merry time of the year.