Workplace Slip And Fall Accidents

Over 213,000 slip and fall injuries occur in the workplace each year, according to Center for Disease Control (CDC). More than 600 of these are fatal accidents. Although, the majority of workplace falls occur in the construction industry, no workplace is immune.

Falls happen in an instant. Perhaps a floor is wet or someone has spilled something and failed to clean it up properly. Even office workers can be injured in workplace falls. Snow and slush tracked into a tile lobby can be especially hazardous. Boxes piled in a corner can fall and cause an obstacle. Even climbing a ladder to change a light bulb can cause a fall.

The CDC estimate that falls in the workplace cost American businesses more than $70 billion each year in workman’s compensation claims, time off work and medical bills.

Protecting yourself in the workplace

You can’t always count on your employer to keep you safe in the workplace. It takes being vigilant yourself. OSHA advises all employees to read and follow workplace safety guidelines. In addition,all employees need to be careful of spills, wet floors and other hazards and make sure those areas are cleaned up and/or marked. Just because you know the hazard is present, doesn’t mean that all employees know about it.

Why you need an attorney in a slip fall case

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall mishap where you work, you need a slip fall accident attorney to protect your rights. ¬†You know that your employer will have a team of attorneys to represent its interests. You need someone to look out for your best interests, too.

No one wants to sue their employer or file a workman’s compensation claim. However, when you’re faced with piles of medical bills and the prospect of being out of work for a significant time period, you need compensation to pay your bills and be able to take care of your family.