What Constitutes Slip And Fall Accidents On A Cruise Line?

Many people go on cruises to enjoy a relaxing vacation, as these ships provide a wide variety of entertainment, food and lifestyle options, both for adults and children alike. There is constant activity on the ship – the movement, layout and on board, materials create a strong possibility for accidents to happen. While slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, cruise ships are particularly dangerous because of the sheer nature of the industry.

What Happens On Board Cruise Ships That Triggers Slip And Fall Accidents? Cruise ship

Many cruise ship injuries involve a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents ensue when a traveler or crew member slips or is knocked off their feet, which results in an injury. The most common type of injury is due to a slip and fall accident aboard cruise ships. So, what can lead to this type of accident on cruise ships? People slip and fall for a myriad of reasons, some of the most common are:

  • Slippery or wet deck surfaces
  • Spilled drinks and food in multiple areas
  • Motion of the ship
  • Improper lighting on staircase areas
  • Pool deck areas
  • Luggage left in pathways and walkways
  • Overcrowded common areas
  • Poor cleaning efforts
  • Broken handrails
  • Ripped or jagged carpeting corners

These accidents can leave passengers with injuries from mild sprains to some very serious injuries like broken bones or muscle tears.

Age Profile Of Passengers On Board Ships

The average age of people who go on cruises is 50 years, so even a small accident can cause severe injury and pain. What can happen on board a cruise ship?

  • Passengers can easily fall down staircases if the lighting isn’t great or the step isn’t even.
  • Passengers can slip on water spilled out of the pool on the pool deck.
  • People can slip and trip due to spilled drinks in entrance ways.

These type of accidents can also occur off the ship, on gangways or even during excursions.

Cases Of Negligence Against Cruise Lines

A recent high-profile case came to light when a New York woman decided to sue Carnival Cruise Lines for failing to take sufficient precautionary measures to prevent her ankle fracture when she slipped down a wet staircase.

In another instance, a $21.5 million settlement amount was ordered to be paid to James R. Hausman, an Illinois businessman after he was hit by a glass door and fell on a cruise ship. This amount is one of the largest sums awarded by the federal court.

While most slip and fall accidents are more coincidences than anything else, in some instances, they could occur because of negligence from the cruise line or its agents and employees. When a passenger has suffered from a slip and fall injury due to the negligence of the cruise line, it can be held accountable for the traveler’s hurt and is compelled to pay for the following details:

  • Passenger’s medical bills and rehabilitation sessions, if required
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Future earning capacity
  • Current and future medical treatment of the injury

Passengers turn to cruise ship lawyers to help them with the legal process, as it requires some effort to prove Cruise pool deck negligence by the cruise line.

Alerting Passengers To Ship Dangers

Injuries and lawsuits can often time be avoided by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Passengers should be alerted about dangerous conditions and hazardous areas at all times so that they can avoid them while walking and prevent any injuries.
  • Efforts should be undertaken to repair and fix all damaged areas of the ship to minimize the chance of risks on board.


When crew members fail to do their job correctly, the cruise line operating the ship is responsible for the passenger’s slip and fall injury. If you have been badly injured in a slip and fall accident on a cruise ship, you may need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to make a strong case, so that you are able to seek adequate compensation for all the expenses you have incurred.