Celebrities Who’ve Been Victims Of Slip and Falls

Slip and falls are especially worrying because they can happen to anyone anywhere. The weather doesn’t have to be icy or snowy to cause a fall. It is certain that most of us will suffer slip or fall at some point in our lives even the celebrities are not exceptional. In most cases, when a celebrity is a victim of slip and fall, people find it shocking and amusing to say the least, even the die-hard celebrities have been victims.

Slip and Falls Do Not Discriminate Based On Fame

Here are some celebrities who have been victims of slip and falls

Justin Bieber: He is well-known for misfortunes on stage. But back in 2012, when performing a duet with Carly Rae, on his’ believe’ tour in Saskatoon, Justin Bieber slipped down the stairs, falling on his behind. Luckily, Carly was there to hold his hand.

Jennifer Lopez: She brought up one of the unintentional highlights of the 2010 American Musical Awards, when she slipped on the stage during her dance routine. Lopez landed on her famous behind mid-way through her Louboutins performance. Jennifer, who had climbed on to the back of a male dancer, jumped off, only to slip as she landed. However, her spokesman reassured fans that she was totally fine and had not been injured in the fall.

Chris Brown: Chris, whose pseudonym is also breezy, fell down a ramp, when performing his “beautiful people” song, on the F.A.M.E tour in Indianapolis in 2011.

Lady Gaga: She is known  to do almost anything in heels, but in 2011, Lady Gaga fell when straddling her piano and her stool.

Drake: He is not immune to slip and fall off the stage either! In Birmingham in 2012, Drake slipped while singing his beautiful song; “Take Care”.

Louis Tomlinson: Luis, who has regularly been hailed as the ID member, with the best sense of humor, fell flat on his back during the 2013 “kiss you” rendition, in Adelaide, Australia.

Rihanna: She is known for her slick moves, but Rihanna has had her share of slip and fall in her career. The most notable was when the songstress fell in Alberta in 2011 while performing.

Miguel Jontel Pimentel: Almost everyone remembers when the RnB singer; Miguel accidentally knocked out a fan when he was performing “Adorn”, at the 2013 Billboard Awards.

Pink: While Pink is known for her aerial artistry and wild circus stunts, back in 2010 while on a tour to Germany, she got seriously hurt when her rigging threw her to the floor.

Selena Gomez: She is usually poised as a princess. However, Selena had a slip up in 2013 when performing in Virginia.

Olly Murs: Olly has had quite a number of epic falls over the years the most recent one being at Guilfest in 2012.

Robbie Williams: Robbie has been in the business for quite some time, but his Newcastle fall in 2014 was particularly unfortunate since it resulted in a broken arm.

Recovery  Could Involve A Legal Team

Famous or not, slip, trip and fall accidents can happen in both private and public places. These accidents can lead to painful, debilitating injuries for the victims. It is sometimes not easy to prove who is at fault, when a slips and falls occur, and in such cases, it is always recommended to contact a slip/ trip and fall lawyer near you. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will assess the rights of the injured person based on legal nuances and conduct a thorough investigation of the slip and fall accident.