Common Latent Injuries

Unfortunately accidents happen every day. Regardless of how careful you are be it driving, walking whichever, accidents happen. Injuries can vary from mild to severe, and some injuries often pop up days, weeks, months or even years later after the accident has occurred. Those types of injuries are what we call “latent” injuries.

Common injuries resulting from accidents typically include:

  • Brain and Head Injuries: Common brain injuries resulting from an auto accident range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBI’s.
  • Neck Injuries: Common neck injuries resulting from accidents range from mild whiplash and neck strain, which are considered to be soft tissue injuries, to more serious issues such as injuries of the cervical spine and disc injury.
  • Back Injuries: Common back injuries resulting from falls and or even car accidents include sprains, fractures, strains, disc damage, lumbar spine injuries, thoracic spine injuries and lumbar radiculopathy injuries.
  • Face Injuries: Not commonly spoken of, are injuries to the face as a result of a car accident or accidental falls. These can range from minor scrapes and bruises to severe deformities requiring facial reconstruction.
  • Psychological Injuries: Psychological issues resulting from accidents, particularly accidents that involve a loss of life result in emotional distress and or PTSD symptoms.

The injuries listed above are common injuries that are evident immediately following an accident. But some of the injuries listed are not always evident immediately following an accident. Due to the fact that some injuries take some time to show up, you should really consult with an attorney immediately following an accident.

Regardless of how serious your injuries were. You may be thinking, “Oh, I’m fine. I was just a little shaken up and sore afterwards, but I’m fine now. I don’t need to consult an attorney. I don’t need to see a doctor for follow-up.”

Unfortunately, you may  find yourself with permanent neck-pain or back-pain, along with a stack of medical bills that you just don’t know what to do with. So what are some of the more common latent injuries that take some time to show up later?

Common latent injuries include:

  • Brain Damage: Severe brain damage is obviously apparent immediately following an accident, but mild brain damage that can also cause long-term health problems might creep up later.
  • Whiplash: Muscle, ligaments and vertebrae may suffer long-term damage due to an accident causing permanent pain and discomfort to accident victims.
  • More Serious Disc Issues: A minor bulging disc now could end up herniating later in life. Shouldn’t you be compensated?
  • Emotional Trauma: Emotional trauma such as PTSD symptoms may never heal completely, even with the help of a lot of therapy. These are issues that should really be addressed.

To learn more about your legal rights regarding slip and fall accidents that you were unfortunate to have been involved in, contact us. Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffering.