Common Summertime Slip And Fall Accidents

When one thinks about the possibilities of slipping and doing a public face plant in front of complete strangers, the treacherous conditions of winter immediately come to mind. Perhaps that is why we let our guard down once the temperatures start to rise, but common summertime slip and fall accidents have the potential to disrupt the summer dreams you harbored all last winter while carefully navigating icy patches of pavement. The fact remains however, summertime activities can lead to all manner of mishaps that result from a slip and fall accident.

Flip-Flops and BBQs

Two factors can have a decisive effect on the frequency of summertime slip and fall accidents. First, as soon as the weather warms up we tend to abandon our couches and become much more active in environments far more hazardous than our living rooms. Second, we tend to do so wearing a variety of footwear that makes us more susceptible to slipping and more prone to injury when we do suffer a tumble.

As mentioned, warm weather means active outdoor schedules whether you are visiting the municipal pool, spending a week at a nearby campsite, or attending a neighbor’s backyard BBQ. Each of these relaxation plans can potentially put you into hazardous conditions including slipping on wet concrete, tripping over benches, or falling as the result of broken concrete sidewalks. Aside from bbqs, falls can happen as a result of wet surfaces and spills, such as the deck of a pool,which can be extremely dangerous for both children and adults during the summer. For the boat lovers, it’s important that all passengers are informed about safety procedures and how to reduce accidents while on the watercraft. CDC offers some boat safety tips here.

Rain will happen in summer and when the thunderclouds bring torrential rain, accident and personal injury can be imminent disasters. Awareness and precaution can go a long way in reducing these accidents.

Summertime trip and fall accidents can happen in a moment and these mishaps can cause all manner of injuries including broken bones, wrenched backs, and concussed head injuries. While it is true that “accidents happen,” when they happen owing to another’s irresponsible action, you might have a claim against the responsible party.

Assessing Responsibility for Accidents

When parsing the details to determine whether someone is at fault as the result of your summertime slip and fall accident, the law has established preconditions for assessing the responsibility for causing your accident.

For instance, the accident investigation must prove culpability on the part of the property owner by showing that they were negligent including:

  • Knowing about the dangerous condition without fixing the situation
  • Their action caused the problem in the first place
  • Should have taken action that a “reasonable” person would to fix the danger issue

Making these determinations is sometimes difficult, and that is why a seasoned slip and fall attorney is a critical partner to have as you recover from your summertime slip and fall accident.

Legal Help is Critical

If you have been injured in a summertime slip and fall accident as the result of another’s negligence, you have legal recourse to help recoup your costs for medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses because of your accident. Reaching out and securing the services of a qualified legal representation should be your first consideration after seeking out medical attention for your injury. Don’t let a slip and fall accident ruin your summer, so be careful of dangerous conditions and be sure to get qualified counsel if you find yourself on the ground after a summertime slip and fall accident.