In The News: Newspaper Sued For Slip And Fall Injury

Every day accidents happen. Often, those accidents happen to good people, but occasionally they happen to more nefarious individuals, those with criminal intent. Regardless of the quality of person affected by an accident, it is often determined to be the result of negligence or carelessness by someone else. In this modern world, responsibility is almost always placed, resulting in lawsuits, settlements and litigation. One way or the other, someone is held responsible.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Held Being Sued

It was recently reported  that a woman from Westmoreland County slipped on a freshly waxed floor during an event. She suffered broken bones and serious trauma following the accident. The event was partially sponsored by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, yet held in a building owned by another organization. Although the tragic accident occurred in the remote building and the newspaper was only a sponsor, the newspaper was also named, being accused of legal and financial responsibility by the lawyers of the woman. She seeks 35,000 dollars in damages.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are very common. Whatever the intentions of a person who suffers injury, those who are somehow representative of the circumstance remain a target for litigation, settlement or legal proceedings. Someone will always be found responsible. Tragic occurrences such as these are capable of introducing enormous liabilities for any organization or company, no matter how careful they feel they have been or how remote their affiliation with the actual incident.

Appropriate Warning Signs Are Necessary

Not necessarily a slip and fall but a spill ad sue-famously, a well known fast food restaurant was sued by a woman who accidentally dropped a cup of hot coffee while receiving it through her car window. These days, after a hefty settlement was reached, fast food restaurants everywhere clearly label their coffee cups with a statement explaining that hot coffee can be hot. Many have begun to use cups that are spill-proof and have tightly fitting caps, less likely to come off if tipped or squeezed.

Accidents such as these should remind the owners and management of companies that they could be at risk from accidents which are a result of poor warning signs. Liability can be determined through a court of law. Go here for our previous post about liability. Accidents will continue to happen, however the best solution is to recognize the possibility while taking every reasonable precaution.