Parking Lot Trip And Fall

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, about 1 million people make a trip to the emergency room annually due to slip, trip and fall accidents. These falls can occur around the injured person’s own home, on a public sidewalk, in a store, in a restaurant, in a municipal building, in parking lots and more.  In addition, almost 80% of slip and trip accidents that occur annually occur in parking lots and on sidewalks due to snow and ice. Furthermore, more than 50% of these accidents in parking lots and on sidewalks occur between the hours of 6am and 12pm.

Slip and fall accidents are avoidable when preventive safety measures are taken and when property is properly maintained. Parking lot trip and falls can be caused by a number of factors but are particularly common during the winter months when snow and ice are prevalent.

Causes & Prevention Of Parking Lot Trip And Fall Accidents

The most common culprits for these types of slip and fall cases are snow and ice. Other common causes of slips and falls in parking lots include uneven surfaces; unidentified hazards such as broken surfaces in asphalt and concrete, or potholes; poor lighting; and drain cover holes with openings larger than one inch. Routine parking lot maintenance by business owners can help to reduce or eliminate these types of accidents.

To avoid potential liability issues and lawsuits due to slip and trips in parking lots, business owners should:

  • Establish a routine plan of action to identify potential parking lot hazards.
  • Formerly inspect every inch of the parking lot looking for large cracks, holes, or other hazards that could cause someone to trip and fall.
  • Properly maintaining parking lots during the winter when there is a lot of snow and ice and making sure that their parking lots are ready for customers as early as 6am.
  • Make sure parking lots are well lit.
  • Painting elevation changes such as curbs and ramps with a contrasting color making it easily distinguishable.
  • Make sure that drain covers do not have any openings larger than one inch.
  • Properly maintaining awnings, canopies, and roof drains regularly.

Holding Liable Party’s Accountable

If you were seriously injured in a parking lot following a slip and trip accident due to the carelessness of a business or property owner, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney right away. The business or property owner may try to fight their way out of this situation by putting the blame on the victim, denying the accident took place all together, or stating that your injuries do not warrant a settlement.

Luckily, for those injured in the parking lots belonging to large businesses and in municipal parking lots, when a slip and trip takes place there are generally many witnesses and cameras to help your case. Get the compensation you deserve by having a qualified attorney assist you with your case. Don’t attempt to fight this battle yourself.

Leave it to the professionals to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve to cover your present medical bills, your future medical expenses, as well as for your pain and suffering.