Slip & Fall Accidents Due To Floor Debris

Slip & Falls Due To Debris PA One of the least expected things when you’re out shopping or running errands is that you are going to slip and fall on debris that’s on the floor of the store. It is a reasonable person who expects that the floor will be safe to walk on and not cause injury. However, this is not always the case and injuries happen every day in business establishments.

Common Accidents

One of the most common accident situations in stores is a wet floor that is unseen by the customer. When you step into the wet substance and it causes you to lose your footing, there is a good possibility that you are going to completely fall. This can cause a multitude of different injuries ranging from a sprained wrist to a broken leg or broken arm. When this happens you should immediately speak with a store manager who will fill out an accident report and you should also seek immediate medical treatment. All of your information will need to be well documented for when you and your accident attorney go into court to determine liability.

Other unseen debris hazards on the floor of a business include stock from shelves that has fallen over and may be partially concealed by the shelving. If a customer trips over the item on the floor they will most likely fall and sustain an injury. The same can easily be said for power cords that are being used within the store and are carelessly crossing an aisle where customers shop. All of these items are enough to cause someone to slip and fall, require medical treatment, as well as needing to hire a reputable accident attorney.

Bars and clubs are also dangerous venues due to the amount of debris that can be found on the floor later at night. Poor lighting can make a patron unable to see a chair on its side or even empty drink cups. Wet substances or items to trip over will often lead to injury.

Someone Is Responsible

Companies have a responsibility to their customers to keep the aisles free of debris. They have the burden of liability if a customer is hurt while on their premises and has done nothing wrong. There are serious injuries that can happen and the company will have to compensate for medical treatment, perhaps lost work time, and long term pain and suffering. This is why it is of the utmost importance that an attorney be utilized and fair compensation is collected.