Slip And Fall Large Home Improvement Store Settlements

Wet floors, clutter and disorganization are accidents waiting to happen. When referring to large, busy and
crowded warehouse like stores who stack their inventory a mile high the likelihood increases exponentially. Between debris and improperly stacked packages and with winter slush added to the mix, these places have a huge liability on their hands.

If we look at some of the accidents that such large home improvement stores have either settled or seen judgments in the courtroom, it is clear that companies need to keep a close tab on their premises. It is also clear that hiring an accident lawyer protects victims of serious injuries from settling for less than they are entitled to receive given the significance that the injury has on their lives and livelihoods.

Home Improvement & Hardware Store Injury CasesĀ 

  1. A woman slipped on water when an employee left a hose running in the gardening (nursery) department. The fall caused her to suffer injuries to her knee, a herniated disc and a broken ankle. The fifty-two year old woman filed suit. Following four years of litigation this large home improvement store then offered the plaintiff $250,000 (on the court house steps so to speak) which would cover her medical bills. The woman turned down the offer, choosing to be heard in court instead of settling. Following a six day trial the judge found in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $2,250,310.65 which amounted to the defendant paying the homemaker $2.6 million including interest.
  2. Another case sees a woman being struck on the head by a falling box while in an aisle of a home improvement store. The hit caused her to topple over into adjacent shelving. She filed suit for $850,000 citing her extensive head injuries and requirement of knee surgery as a result of the accident. In this case it was settled out of court with the help of her accident attorney. Hers was one of 235 cases filed against such a facility in the preceding five years.
  3. A gentleman was waiting at his car in the parking lot of a store for a propane tank to be placed when a cart rolled into him causing him to fall and sustain injuries to his back. His spine injuries were treated with a laminectomy and a spinal fusion. He was awarded $975,000 after the judge found the defendant to be 80% responsible for the run-away cart. (The other 20% of blame fell to whomever had secured the cart).
  4. A fifty-seven year old contractor sued a large hardware store after sustaining an injury in the form of a torn quadricep (knee). It happened in winter when he slipped on a patch of ice. The store claimed not to have had sufficient time to deal with the icy patches but – no dice – the judgment was ruled in the contractor’s favor in the amount of $159,125.
  5. A woman seeking the cost of her injuries was awarded $19,383.61 which constituted her medical expenses as well was awarded an additional $25,000 for pain and suffering. She had been browsing at a store during the Christmas season and was looking up at some decorations when she turned the corner at the aisle. On the floor there was a grease spot, after stepping on it she had a slip and fall. She suffered injuries to her fingers and to her shoulder (rotor cuff) which as a result needed to be treated by physio therapy.

Be Vigilant Out There

As demonstrated, several large and small home improvement and gardening centers have seen its share of slip and fall injury claims as well as other claims for falling boxes, unsafe parking lots and a number of other accident related claims. While it is prudent to be aware of the perils of big box shopping if someone is injured by carelessness or neglect it is possible to either reach a settlement or to enter into litigation for compensation.