The Best Attractions in Center City Philadelphia

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While Center City Philadelphia is often remembered for its historic City Hall, there are plenty of attractions outside of this building which are worth visiting when in town. Our team shared the following list of their favorites.

The Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) is a vivid art environment that is completely covered secured with varied mosaics. The creator, Isaiah Zagar, utilized carefully assembled tiles, bottles, bike wheels, and mirror to tell the story of his life and inspirations. The space is comprised of two indoor exhibitions and a bi-level open air design garden.

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Zagar had dedicated himself to enhancing the South Street neighborhood since the late 1960s, when he moved to the area with Julia, his wife. The couple helped spike the renewal of the region by redesigning abandoned structures with the use of bright mosaics, both on private and public murals. The Zagars cooperated with different artists and activists, eventually turning the area into a prosperous creative safe house.It was successful in fighting against the expansion of another highway that would have essentially disappeared the historic South Street.

In 2008, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens opened to the public; since then, guests have the chance to take part in visits, craftsmanship exercises, hands-on interpretive encounters, workshops, shows, presentations and more.

Walnut Street Theater

The Walnut Street Theater, established in 1809 at 825 Walnut Street at the intersection of S. 9th Street in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Center City, is the longest-running, as well asĀ  the oldest, theater in the United States. The Theater is operated by the Walnut Street Theater Company, an NGO, and has three phases: the Mainstage, for the organization’s essential and bigger creations, the Independence Studio on 3, a studio situated on the structure’s third floor for smaller shows, and the Studio 5 on the fifth floor which is leased for autonomous preparations.

The mission of the Walnut Street Theater is to continue the heritage of expert theater and add to its future suitability and importance. It does as such through the creation and introduction of expert theater; the support, preparing, and improvement of craftsmen; and the development of various crowds and the safeguarding and chronicling of its performance center structure, a national notable milestone.

With its more than 55,000 season ticket holders, the Walnut is also the most subscribed theater company on the planet.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Established in 1812, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is the most established natural history museum in the Americas. The energy and marvel of the normal world become animated for guests of any age through hands-on displays, live-creature appears, video introductions, dynamic speakers, extraordinary workshops and classes and night programs with ecological topics. The Academy likewise has a long custom of open shows and instructive projects for the two schools and the overall population.

Foundation researchers are incredibly famous for their biodiversity and amphibian nature research. An assortment of in excess of 17 million creatures and plants, housed in the examination part of the gallery, is among the best example assortments on the planet. The Ewell Sale Stewart Library, with uncommon books dating to the 1500s and records of early pilgrims, is a significant fortune trove for scientists around the globe. The Academy likewise has a long custom of open shows and instructive projects for the two schools and the overall population.

Originally known as the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, in 2011 the Academy became affiliated with nearby Drexel University and changed its name to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

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