Victorian Museum in Northwest Philly

Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion

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Ebenezer was raised on a farm in New York in 1827 and moved to Philadelphia to take a job in his early twenty’s. In 1859, Maxwell married his second cousin Anna Smith, who came from a well-off family.

After Anna’s father passed away, the couple decided to move away from the city into a quiet suburban neighborhood. The Maxwell mansion was then built from the ground up for the Maxwell’s and their children.

Only a mere three years, Ebenezer Maxwell sold his home in 1862 to William and Rosalie Cecilia (Hunter) Allan. The mansion had been a part of the Hunter-Stevenson family for a total of 96 years.


The garden surrounding the museum was created to represent two time periods during the Victorian era. Nationally renowned landscape architect Reed Engle designed the Mansion gardens with two different inspirations.

The northwest triangle of the garden, called The Downing Garden, based on the philosophy and designs of The Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening by Andrew Jackson Downing. The southeast section of the garden was designed after Art of Beautifying Suburban Grounds by Frank Scott.

The interior of the mansion separates two floors into two time periods. The first floor represents the 1860s time period when the Maxwell family occupied the home, whereas the second floor visualizes the décor of the 1880s.

Both eras interpret the distinct nature of the Victorian Era and offer a more in-depth explanation in each room as you go through the exhibits. 

Educational Programs

The mansion hosts many fun, interactive, and educational programs for the entire family to enjoy. Join a workshop during your visit where you have the chance to create a craft that was popular in the 19th century.

Sign up for a Victorian-themed old fashioned picnic party where you can mingle with other guests while you participate in activities and enjoy something to eat.

Finally, before the end of your stay, catch a play at the Victorian theatre for some live entertainment. Find more Philly attractions in surrounding areas for a weekend full of adventure.

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