Local Parks to Explore in Philadelphia, PA

Penn Treaty Park

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Legend says William Penn first met the Native Americans in Shackamaxon, the current site where Penn Treaty Park is located. It is said, there were conversations on buying land and creating a friendship amongst the two parties under an elm tree.

Though we are not certain, the encounter ever occurred, the “Great Treaty” symbolizes the mutual agreement for peace amongst the Delaware Leni Lenape Indians and William Penn himself.

During a storm in 1810, the prominent elm tree under which the treaty was held fell. Soon after that, a memorial was installed to honor the treaty on the spot where the elm tree was found.

The land in which the treaty was formed was left untouched and abandoned for decades until the land was acquired in 1893, which led to the park officially opened that same year. The site became an honored part of Fairmount Park in 1894 and has increasingly expanded throughout Philadelphia over the years.

The Park

Today, you’ll find the park in the heart of Philadelphia at the river’s edge, with several acres of land showcasing some of the most spectacular views of the city. On the south end of the park, you’ll find tons of pathways for visitors to explore, perfect for talking the dog on a stroll or enjoying the outdoors with a few friends.

On the Riverbend, viewers can spot a panoramic view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge that connects over to New Jersey. On the north end of the park, you’ll find a monument of William Penn near the entrance, created by sculptor Frank Gaylord.

The park offers so much to explore, so it’s best to grab a few friends and take the day to discover all the natural beauty the park bestows.

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