Top 2 Slip & Fall Verdicts in The US

All personal injury lawsuits are not created equally when it comes to tallying up the size of judgment awards. For instance, when one canvasses the verdict awards of personal injury cases, medical malpractice leads the pack in terms of the size of judgment averages of $340,000 with auto accidents coming in second at $24,000. Running a distant third place, when it comes to assessing the amount of money plaintiffs can expect to see, are victims of slip and fall injuries with average payouts of $2,000.

However, according to the Center for Disease Control, more than a million Americans suffer slip and fall injuries every year with nearly a third of those receiving moderate to severe injuries. Just as all personal injuries are not created equal, neither are all slip and fall injuries created equal. To adequately assess your case, discussions with a qualified attorney to determine liability and the feasibility of filing a case, are necessary.

Top 2 Slip & Fall Cash Verdicts

While the average payout for a slip and fall injury may be only $2,000 there are always exceptions to the rule, and two cases in particular stand out when it comes to large cash verdicts:

1. $18 Million for Manhole Spill

A University of Pennsylvania medical student was awarded an $18 million dollar verdict after falling 18-feet into an open manhole operated by Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation. According to court records, the company had been long aware that the homeless people in that area would remove manhole covers in search of shelter and did nothing to remedy the situation. The court found that in the decade that this practice was occurring, Trigen-Philadelphia Energy did nothing to ameliorate the condition. The larger than average award was based on the lost future revenue of the medical student who sustained spinal injuries that ended his education and career. In all slip and fall cases, the level of liability is assessed on all parties involved and Tri-Philadelphia Energy was found to be 99.99% at fault.

2. Algae Earns $12.2 Million in Virginia

The owner of a day spa suffered a serious brain injury following a slip and fall outside a Miller Mart convenience store in 2003. The woman, Annette Ritzman, slipped on the raised sidewalk outside the premises and lost consciousness after hitting her head on the ground. The store, a subsidiary of Miller Oil Company, was found at fault for not adequately warning their customers about dark algae that had formed outside in the parking lot. That determination led to what is believed to be one of the largest payouts of $12.2 million, in Virginia history.

Qualified Legal Representation is Key to Success

Regardless of the circumstances, to adequately assess your case within the time periods that are typically mandated by state law requires consulting with a qualified legal representation to ensure that you get the compensation you may be entitled to. Within the Philadelphia area, seek the qualified help of the Philly Slip & Fall Guys to get your life back on track following an injury.We have been guaranteeing the rights of victims for more than two decades, so you can put your case in our capable hands.